Sue Schmitz Facebook – Update

Marisa, one of Sue Schmitz’ supporters, found her way here and said that she didn’t find my commentary about her Facebook post even “moderately amusing”.  She believes that the point of my post was to make “random stale jokes here and there about her (Schmitz’) guilt”.  She thought it was “repugnant” to quote her public words without her “notification” or “opinion”.   Marisa also thought that making fun of people who defended Schmitz by claiming “injustice” was “skeezy”.  I see it as exposing the mental gymnastics and hypocrisy Democrats resort to in excusing the flaws of their politicans.

BTW if I were a newspaper editor following the ASNE Code of Ethics they suggest that people be given a chance to respond to a public accusal (I believe the comment section here suffices),  and I’m not accusing these people of anything more than willful blindness and poor judgment.

Marisa says that “Ms. Schmitz is the reason I was blessed with a strong understanding of government in high school, including that which is and is not corrupt”.  My original comment about Marisa was that “She must have missed the part about public corruption and the legal system” in school.  From her comments we can also assume she wasn’t taught much about the First Amendment (more “stale” humor – but certainly not “random”).

Marisa did make one valid point:  she said that Sue Schmitz did not create the page and that I should have pointed that out.  OK.  It seems that Sue Schmitz’ son created the page and posts using a picture of his Mom.

I would like to thank Marisa for taking the time to comment.   This provides an opportunity to update the post and highlight some of our neighbors who’ve publicly commented on Sue Schmitz’ son’s Facebook fansite.  Just like last time, those who offered prayers and support will not be mentioned, but those who rail against the “injustice” and their quoted words will be noted.

Meagan Imsand – “The injustice that surrounds you situation breaks my heart”.

J Ricky Sizemore – “What has happened is nothing more than a political persecution, a misuse of judicial authority and a travesty of justiice”.

Kelli Morgan – “I wish there was something we could all do about this ridiculous injustice”.

Susan Young Guffey – “I would just like to say, “this whole thing sucks big time. Its such bull crap! I don’t believe any of it… What I think happened is you stepped on some wrong toes and now someone has the opportunity to get you back”.

Elizabeth Moore Willingham – “What an injustice”.

Kristi Brown Combs – “Mrs. Schmitz is no criminal! I’m so upset over the ruling and sentencing”.

Daniel Lofgren – “This trial was nothing but a trumped up political witch hunt. In this state, if there is wrong doing in government, it goes unpunished. Only the innocent trying to affect change suffer”.

Jane Shrewsbury Hillis – “This was a witch hunt and you know it!!! This is a great idea..having a FB page!!!”

Yolonda Ary – “I have known you for many years and I know what they accused you of is absolutely absurd”.

Chris McGinty – “Mrs. Schmitz, what has happened to you is an atrocity, period”.

Sue Schmitz (who isn’t really Schmitz, but might be her son) – “First they came for the Communists... Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me”.

Sue Schmitz (again) – “Please write Congressman Griffith, Senator Shelby, Senator Sessions, The Huntsville Times, and local media to show the power of the people of a democratic society and to shine the light of truth on this issue”.

Travis Large – “I wont stand for it and I damn sure dont believe all this foolishness!!!”

Kammie Bullen Lee – “I am very sorry for what has happened to you in this republican inspired witch hunt! The press and the U.S. attorney’s office have not treated you fairly. It is frightening to think we live in a country where a person can be tried, convicted, sentenced and threatened with seizure of family property on evidence that a few people have decided that person has not worked hard enough! Your true mistake was being a Democrat during a Republican witch hunt! I am glad to see that Alice Martin and the rest of her cohorts are going out with the rest of the Bush Administration!”

This update includes the willful blindness exhibited by these people through ‘yesterday’.  No stale humor this time – these people’s words mock themselves…

Sue Schmitz sentencing

Sue Schmitz (D – sentenced to 30 months in prison after her conviction on seven felony fraud charges) has a Facebook page.  Thanks to Dale Jackson of WVNN for pointing this out.

Here are some comments from our neighbors about this Democrat politician who stole money from our children:

Kristen Hilliard DeGurse calls Schmitz a “role model”.  Hide your purses and wallets…

Darlene Ehinger is “impressed with (Schmitz’) personal integrity” and believes that her prosecution was “reprehensible”.  Speaking of reprehensible, Ehinger is one of those disgusting peace action leftists…

Political and PR consultant David Driscoll (clients include the HHA) calls this “a great injustice by our legal system”.

Pam Miles vows to “fight for JUSTICE for you and Don until my last breath”.  Miles seems to have a thing for convicts…

Marisa Ikstrums says “the injustice of situation breaks my heart” and credits Schmitz with her “strong understanding of government”.   She must have missed the part about public corruption and the legal system…

Rose Norman says “Schmitz deserves a medal for what she’s done for Alabama politics”.  Looks like she earned ze ‘Iron Bar’ (unlike das Iron Cross)…

Andree Reeves says “everybody who knows you knows that all those accusations are NOT TRUE! Hang in there, and know that a lot of people love you–and we all feel worse about our government today”.  Note to Reeves – a conviction is more than an accusation – it is a finding of FACT.

Judy Shannon Sizemore says “all the crap doesn’t change a thing”.  Sadly she’s right, Democrat politicians still refuse to pass ethics reform…

State Representative Randy Hinshaw (D – 22) signed up as a “fan” of Schmitz (D – soon to be an inmate under the supervision of the Federal Bureau of Prisons).  The Democratic Party is abiding corruption rather than working to eliminate it – costing our children tens of millions of dollars (not an exaggeration).


Challen Stephens of The Huntsville Times showed some uncharacteristic sloppiness in his article “Schmitz’s prison home won’t be anywhere close”.  Stephens wrote:

Federal prosecutors argued she had used her influence in the Legislature to collect a paycheck from the state’s two-year college system while doing little or nothing to earn it.

Yes, prosecutors did ‘argue’ that Schmitz was guilty, but then the jury ‘convicted’ her – Stephens should have stated that she was convicted rather than minimizing it.  IMO this sounds a little bit too much like the commenters on Facebook…