Young Turks

Thicket Magazine – Alabama Redefined has an article in their current issue that mentions Huntsville’s own Roger Richardson“Young Turks”:

Richardson calls his campaign staff the most diverse in the state. White and black, from Madison County’s most affluent areas and its public housing communities. So how is he able to draw folks from the projects to the GOP? “We all want good housing. We all want good schools. We all want job opportunities. Most people don’t want a hand out.” He’s banking on his contention there is no strong left or right in America, only a center-right the GOP can re-energize.”

About Thicket:

Thicket magazine functions in equal measures as an educational and entertainment piece, a journalistic road map of the state. It covers business, travel, design, environment, home décor, gardening, sports, shopping, politics, education, faith, food, music, the arts, and anything else relevant to life in Alabama today…

The magazine is sold at fine newsstands, gift shops, supermarkets, bookstores and retail outlets across the state including Books-A-Million (Alabaster, Birmingham, Cullman, Daphne, Dothan, Florence, Homewood, Hoover, Huntsville, Madison, Mobile, Montgomery, Opelika, Oxford, Trussville, & Tuscaloosa), Bookland (Florence, Gadsden, & Prattville), Barnes & Noble, Joe Muggs (Birmingham & Mountain Brook), and a variety of other shops and stores.

Senate 7 Primary Results Box Summary

The Madison County Probate Judge’s Office Election Results page was updated with box results today.

There is a five vote difference in the Democrat totals, detailed numbers total 4090 but the Election Results sum total was 4085.  I guess they’ll get that figured out when the Official Results are certified next week.

Top boxes were: Cove United Methodist Church (885 – 89% GOP), Blossomwood School (555 – 88% GOP), Covenant Presbyterian Church (527 – 86%), Johnson High School (428 – 92% DEM), and Chapman Middle School (424 – 78% GOP).

Top GOP boxes were: Cove UMC, Blossomwood, Covenant, Chapman, and Chaffee (424 – 83% GOP).

Sam Givhan’s top boxes were: Cove UMC, Covenant (where he trailed Hunter), and Blossomwood (where he trailed Sanford and virtually tied Hunter).  Givhan got 80% of OXR’s 15 GOP voters.

Mary Scott Hunter’s top boxes were: Cove UMC (where she trailed Givhan), Covenant, and Blossomwood (where she trailed Sanford and tied Givhan). Hunter got 100% of Whitesburg Boat Harbor’s 3 GOP voters.

Allan Rhodes’ top boxes were:  Blossomwood (5th), First Baptist Church of Meridianville (where he trailed Givhan), and Mountain View Baptist (5th). Rhodes got 33% of Blackburn Chapel’s 3 GOP voters.

Roger Richardson’s top boxes were: Cove UMC (where he trailed Givhan and Hunter), Chaffee (where he trailed Hunter), and Blossomwood (4th). Richardson got 100% of Calvary Friendship Center’s 2 GOP voters.

Paul Sanford’s top boxes were: Blossomwood, Trinity UMC, and Cove UMC (4th). Sanford got 46% of Trinity’s 262 GOP voters.

Peter Wright’s top boxes were: Covenant (5th), Ridgecrest (5th), and Cove UMC (6th). Wright got 14% of the Senior Center’s 14 GOP voters.

Top DEM boxes were: Johnson, First Missionary Baptist (373 – 89% DEM), Showers Center (329 – 96% DEM), New Shiloh Church (242 – 93% DEM), and Ed White (263 – 76% DEM).

Representative Laura Hall’s top boxes were: Johnson, First Missionary Baptist, and Showers Center.  Hall got 100% of Blackburn CP Chapel’s 4 DEM voters.

Anthony Daniels’ top boxes were: A&M (the only real box where he beat Hall), Johnson, and First Missionary Baptist.  Daniels got 100% of OXR’s 1 DEM voter (his only other winning box).

If you want a copy of the XL spreadsheet with the box results, let me know in the comments – I only ask that you share whatever insight you derive from it with the rest of us.

Thank You All From Roger Richardson

“No Man Is a Failure Who Has Friends”

Fellow Conservatives,

Thank you for your help and support in this campaign. I met so many wonderful people during the course of this election. I had the once in a life time opportunity to be invited into people’s homes and talk to them about why we love Alabama and the future of our state. I firmly believe that there is much more that unites us than divides us.

Regardless of what candidate you supported your involvement is essential to promoting the conservative cause. Whether you made a contribution (large or small), voted, or stood at a poll your efforts can and make a difference in our state and nation.

April 21st is right around the corner. Please stay informed and stay involved. To win the election we need high turnout and as many volunteers as possible to help the republican candidate in the general. I look forward to seeing you at one of the Republican events in the future. As I said at the Republican Men’s Breakfast, I’m proud to be a conservative, and I’m proud to be a Republican. See you soon.


Roger Richardson
Proud Conservative, Proud Republican

Senate 7 Primary Results

PROVISIONAL = 56 of 57 boxes reporting (98.25%)

Here are the Unofficial Madison County Probate Judge Election Results with 56 of 57 precincts reporting. The 57th precinct is for Provisional Ballots, which will be counted when the Election is certified by the Probate Judge Tuesday March 10 at noon.

Precinct details should be available on the ‘Election Results’ website as early as Thursday.  Fun!

The GOP Primary Runoff between Sam Givhan and Paul Sanford is April 21, 2009 and the winner will face Democrat Laura Hall in the General Election on June 9, 2009.

Turnout was surprisingly low at 10%, with 9,976 out of 96,302 registered voters facing the brisk sunny day to vote.

Rebublican voters numbered 5,891 or 60%, while Democrat voters numbered 4,085 or 40%.

Democrat Laura Hall (3,256 votes / 80%) defeated Anthony Daniels (834 votes / 20%).


Sam Givhan received 1,736 votes ( 30%).

Paul Sanford received 1,336 votes (23%).

Mary Scott Hunter received 1,276 votes (22%).

Roger Richardson received 1,176 votes (20%).

Allan Rhodes received 255 votes (4%).

Peter Wright received 112 votes (2%).

IMO Sanford, Hunter, and Richardson chased many of the same votes – if true, then Sanford may defeat Givhan in the Runoff.  However, the Rule of Thumb is that the Primary Runoff turnout will be 2 / 3 of the Primary turnout.  Assuming 4,000 GOP voters turn out in April and assuming that the Runoff candidate’s supporters turn out again - Sam Givhan only needs to pick up 300 votes versus Sanford needing 700 votes.

It will be interesting to see if the other GOP candidates throw their support behind either Givhan or Sanford.  It might make a difference in a close race.

Vote Tuesday – Senate 7 Roundup

Tuesday March 3 is the Primary Election for State Senate District 7.


The Madison County Board of Registrars says that 96,302 voters are registered to vote in the State Senate 7 race.

Estimating turnout is difficult for a special election, but Dr. Jess Brown of Athens State University expects about 15 – 20% turnout, with the GOP possibly having higher turnout because of the number of candidates –  ”competition breeds interest”.

Patricia McCarter of The Huntsville Times interviewed Dr. Brown for her article State Senate vote turns on race, ethics, expert says.  Read the whole thing for insight from my favorite PoliSci Professor, written by one of the Times best reporters.


The Huntsville Times gave a backhanded endorsement to Laura Hall (D – 19), with the caveat:

The Times recommends Hall, but with a caveat.

Hall resigned her longtime administrative post at Calhoun Community College last year. She left when several state officials, including the head of the two-year system, came under investigation. A fellow legislator, Sue Schmitz, was recently convicted of fraud in connection with a state job she was given.

I endorsed Anthony Daniels, with the caveat that I’m not voting Democrat; Brian concurred.

Laura Hall Campaign

Hall Times Article

Didn’t respond to Flashpoint questionnaire

Anthony Daniels Campaign

Daniels Times Article

Didn’t respond to Flashpoint questionnaire


The Huntsville Times endorsed Roger Richardson, Brian endorsed Paul Sanford, and I endorsed Mary Scott Hunter.  All I can say is “I agree with all of us”.

Jeff Barnett at The Midnight Hour posted his Quick Analysis of Alabama Senate 7 Candidates.

Sam Givhan Campaign

Givhan Times Article

Givhan Flashpoint Questionnaire

Mary Scott Hunter Campaign

Hunter Times Article

Hunter Flashpoint Questionnaire

Allan Rhodes Campaign

Rhodes Times Article

Rhodes Flashpoint Questionnaire

Roger Richardson Campaign

Richardson Times Article

Richardson Flashpoint Questionnaire

Paul Sanford Campaign

Sanford Times Article

Sanford Flashpoint Questionnaire

Peter Wright Campaign

Wright Times Article

Unfortunately, Wright responded after the questionnaire deadline.