Raytheon and the Rabbi

Rabbi Laibel Berkowitz sent me this story written by Ted Roberts (“The Scribbler on the Roof”):

Here in Huntsville, Alabama – the buckle of the Bible Belt – one of our fanciest, blue ribbon eateries, 801 Franklin, has conducted a Kosher banquet.  Strictly Kosher.  Moshgiach (inspector/monitor) and all. Chabad Rabbi Laibel Berkowitz was in charge…

The restaurant, 801 Franklin – one of Huntsville’s finest – was the site of this feast – provoked by the need for Raytheon to host a group of Israeli service people for a program review.  Rather than limit the Israeli menu to an apple decorated by lemon slices – a simple solution – the Raytheon folks served a bountiful Parev meal centering on Salmon and fancy sides.  A banquet like Esther prepared for achashveros…

Raytheon went all out – with acceptable food sources, a ritually clean salmon and even a Moshgiach (kitchen inspector) to assure the religious cleanliness of the meal.  A mitzvah – a step beyond, as we say in Judaism.


Mazel Tov to Raytheon, 801 Franklin, and Monty Williams.  Monty moved to Huntsville to open Green Hills Grille and then 801 Franklin -  he is a blessing to Huntsville.