MCGOP – 17 September 2011

Congressman Mo Brooks received a standing ovation from more than 300 people at the Madison County Republican Men’s Club breakfast this morning.

Congressman Brooks spoke about the “Obama Kill Jobs Bill” and the futility of trying to compromise with people who have an “aberrant ideology”.  Mo may have said “abhorrent” – either adjective is correct when describing the left…

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Mo Brooks Huntsville Open House

Congressman Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) will be holding an Open House in his Huntsville District Office, located at  2101 W. Clinton Avenue, Suite 302, on Friday, March 4, from 2 to 4 p.m.

“I’m looking forward to meeting with constituents from the Huntsville area and hearing their concerns,” said Brooks. “I hope a lot of people will stop by. My staff will also be on hand to answer casework questions, and help in any way they can.”

Congressman Brooks also announced plans to hold future open houses in other district offices in the Shoals and Decatur. “We’re going to have open houses at the Shoals and Decatur offices in the next few months,” said Brooks. “In addition, my staff will be visiting locations around North Alabama and setting up temporary offices so that folks who can’t visit the three main offices can meet them and ask questions.”

For more information about the Huntsville Open House, please call the Huntsville Office at (256) 551-0190 or visit

Sweep the Democrats out of North Alabama!

From the Mo Brooks for Congress campaign:

Join Mo Brooks and his fellow North Alabama Republican candidates for an evening of food, fun, and entertainment…

Date: Thursday, October 28, 2010 starting at 6PM
Location: New Soccer Village Indoor Arena near the old Greenbrier Cotton Gin (I-565 Exit 3 then north to the old Greenbrier Restaurant)
Cost: $15 per person / $25 per family ($5 discount if you bring a broom)

Music by Mike Ball and his Smokin’ Hot Bluegrass Band.

Please RSVP by calling 256-881-3779 or email

MCGOP – 23 October 2010

Saturday awoke to another packed house at the Madison County Republican breakfast. 

The speakers were Mo Brooks, Kay Ivey, and Dr. Robert Bentley.  Congressional candidate Mo Brooks took to the microphone waving a broom and asking people to help him “Sweep ‘em all out”!  That is classic Alabama politics – if a dirty ol’ flatbed truck would’ve fit in the room Brooks would’ve raised a cloud of dust sweeping it up.  Mo was having a lot of fun with the stunt, but his message was serious: “our President doesn’t know the America that all of us know” and Obama’s policies are wrecking this country – now is the time to change direction.

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey spoke about how her opponent (Little Jim Folsom) as President of the Senate wouldn’t recognize Republican Senators during debates – Ivey said “give these State Senators a voice”.

Candidate for Governor Dr. Robert Bentley spread more love during his speech.  Bentley said that he “has a Doctor’s love” for “all the people of Alabama”,  but “don’t confuse love with weakness”.  Bentley said that Republicans have “got to run as a team” and he urged voters “to vote for every Republican on the ticket”.

Here are some quotes from Dr. Love:
“Give us the chance to prove to you that we can govern right”.
“Public servants should be held to a higher standard”.
“Treat taxpayers like customers”.
And my favorite:
“Government should help create jobs, not create Government jobs”.

Dr. Bentley said that Democrat Ron Sparks “is the most liberal man ever to run for Governor”.  Ron Sparks says he won’t tell a woman what to do with her body, Dr. Bentley says that a baby is a separate person.  Ron Sparks doesn’t believe that States have rights (when asked if he supported the enforcement of the 10th Amendment Sparks said “absolutely not”), Dr. Bentley says the Governor must protect State interests against federal overreaching.

Dr. Bentley said that “there are some evil forces in this State” and promised to convene a Special Session of the legislature within (and at the beginning of) the Regular Session “to pass the toughest ethics law that’s ever been passed by any state in this country”.  Bentley recognized Senator Arthur Orr and Representative Mike Ball as champions of ethics legislation.

Dr. Bentley closed by saying that Alabama is “a loving and patriotic State”.

Steve Doyle of The Huntsville Times wrote “Robert Bentley says he’ll push for “toughest ethics law” if elected Alabama governor”:

Bentley said he expects Sparks and other Democratic candidates to sling a few more “arrows” in the form of negative campaign ads in the coming days.

He referenced a TV commercial by state Sen. Lowell Barron, D-Fyffe, against his Republican opponent, Shadrack McGill. In the ad, a woman who recently sued McGill over a deal to sell her a restaurant calls the Woodville businessman a “thief” and a “crook.”

McGill has countersued the woman, Sheila Johnson.

“Shad, your opponent is afraid of you, or he wouldn’t be running negative ads,” Bentley said to McGill, drawing loud applause.

Rising up

Brooks says Fire Pelosi

Brooks says Fire Pelosi










Republican Congressional candidate Mo Brooks spoke to more than 200 people as the “Need a Job? Fire Pelosi” bus visited Huntsville.  Brooks began his speech saying that the good turnout was a “reflection of the anxiety we all have for our country… the people are rising up… and the first step is firing Nancy Pelosi”. 

Brooks compared the economy when Pelosi and the Democrats took Congress in 2006 (4.3% unemployment) to today’s 10% unemployment.  Brooks closed by saying “if we take Nancy Pelosi out of office, we take out the entire leadership team… If we fire Nancy Pelosi, we fire Barney Frank and replace him with Alabama Representative Spencer Bachus”.

Alabama RNC Representative Paul Reynolds said “Progressive is another word for communism”.

WHNT TV19, The Huntsville Times Challen Stephens, Decatur Daily, and Huntsville Newswire reported on the Fire Pelosi event.

Eric Fleischauer of the Decatur Daily wrote “Mo Brooks calls Pelosi a socialist during RNC rally”:

“The Democrats with their failed socialist policies have given us 10 percent unemployment,” Brooks said, his voice hoarse. “Why do people in Washington want to copy an economic system that doesn’t work?

“Nancy Pelosi,” he yelled, “stop your job-killing antics!”

Brooks endorsed by Police organization

From the Mo Brooks for Congress – 5th District campaign:

Republican congressional nominee Mo Brooks has received the endorsement of the Alabama State Fraternal Order of Police.

In a letter to Brooks informing him of the endorsement, FOP President Bill Davis said the “endorsement was made after careful consideration and qualifications and experience of all of the candidates.” Davis told Brooks, “the membership felt that you are the best person to serve in the office.” The Alabama FOP has approximately 8,600 members.

Upon learning of the endorsement, Brooks said, “I am deeply honored to have the endorsement of such a well-respected organization of law enforcement professionals. Public safety is one the core functions of our government, and I stand second to no one in my strong support of the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect our families and our homes. I look forward to working closely with the FOP in the years ahead to provide them the support they need to accomplish their mission as effectively as possible.”

Brooks, a Madison County Commissioner and former Alabama State Legislator, is the Republican nominee for Congress in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District. The election is November 2nd.

HASBAT Congressional Forum

The Huntsville Association of Small Businesses in Advanced Technology (HASBAT) hosted a Congressional Forum today featuring Republican Mo Brooks and Democrat Steve Raby.   The Forum was attended by more than 80 local business people and covered by the news media including Dale Jackson of WVNN,  Challen Stephens of The Huntsville Times, and Trang Do of  WAFF.  In addition, I had the pleasure of meeting ‘mooncat’ of Left in Alabama – she got the forum on video and I hope she posts it – I can’t wait to see their comments…

The following is a summary of the forum which I hope gives you, our dear readers, insight into the candidate’s position on issues.

Brooks (R) = “facing a grave set of challenges”; “socialism versus free enterprise”; “balanced budget Constitutional Amendment”
Raby (D) = “don’t like the direction of our country… or what is going on in Washington”; “problem-solving standpoint”; “I believe in capitalism”; “reduce budget deficits”; “independent-minded”

QUESTION 1 = Jobs: what can the federal government do to create jobs in the private sector?
Brooks (R) = private sector funds government; extend Bush tax cuts; get Feds “out of the way”; “fewer taxes, less regulation”; “fair trade, not free trade” example China currency manipulation; “free the entrepreneur”
Raby (D) = we have “economic instability”; businesses are sitting on cash waiting on tax policy; Constitutional requirement for defense so “no one in this town should have to apologize for working for the government”; coordinate State / Federal economic development efforts

QUESTION 2 = Taxes: do you favor extending the Bush tax cuts and regulatory relief?
Raby (D) = most regulations are drafted with good intentions but twisted by administrators; “stabilize tax policy”
Brooks (R) = “this is a defining difference between me and my opponent”;  for extending Bush tax cuts; “you know what you’re going to get” if you vote for me

QUESTION 3 = Economy: unsustainable national debt?
Brooks (R) = “two years ago, Steve contributed $2,000 to my campaign” [each candidate praised the other - they're old friends];  “46% of operating expenses is borrowed money”;  can’t keep borrowing from children;  balanced budget except for crisis or war
Raby (D) = “I agree with Mo”; “greatest threat to our economy is continued deficit spending”; “for balanced budget amendment… except for capital projects like highways…”;  the $2000 contribution to Mo ”wasn’t the first time”; bipartisan; “I’ve given $48,000 to Republicans”; “going to take a centrist approach”

QUESTION 4 = Do you support Obamacare? 
Raby (D) = “No, I do not”; “wasn’t done in a transparent way”; hospitals say it will increase costs; Doctors won’t accept patients; “pre-existing conditions should be dealt with”; Medicare Part D doughnut hole should be dealt with; individual mandate “will not work”
Brooks (R) = “the issue is cost”; “socialized medicine is the end game for these people [Democrats]; “interstate competition”; “tort reform”; eliminate hospital Certificate of Need requirements; take legal bills out of health care costs; illegal aliens add costs; “a strong economy empowers us to pay for the health care we need”

QUESTION 5 = Defense: do you favor a “phased adaptive approach” to missile defense? [the guy who wrote the question later said he wished the question had been clearer]
Brooks (R) = overall the economy allows us to pay for defense;  “fed is taking $2.7 trillion out of capital markets, denying it to business”
Raby (D) = Constitutional requirement for defense; ”move money to R&D”; “prepare for the next war”

QUESTION 6 = Illegal immigration?
Raby (D) = “gather information”; “federal responsibility”; secure Southwest border and ports of entry;  focus on employers e-verify
Brooks (R) = “Thank Arizona”; secure borders; e-verify; make it expensive for employers to hire illegals

Raby (D) = “I’m on team Tennessee Valley”; “I don’t want to be grouped with these folks” [specifically trial lawyers but in the context of the Democratic team]; “the other team” pledged not to accept earmarks so Redstone Arsenal got $0 for Military Construction while Bobby Bright (D – AL02) got money for military bases in his district; “I’m not part of a political team”
Brooks (R) = politicans choose ideology (team); first vote in the House is for the Speaker of the House, it’s for a team; “bipartisan when it comes to mutual agreement”


Politics is a ‘team’ effort.  This is displayed by the very first vote each Representative casts for Speaker of the House.  Do you want two more years of Nancy Pelosi?

I thought that Mo Brooks did a great job.  Brooks was passionate and noted (often) that he has a record of fiscal leadership.  The only question he didn’t directly address was the missile defense question (it was too much inside baseball), but he gave a good answer.  Disclosure – Mo was a contributor here until the contested GOP primary and I have a ‘Brooks for Congress’ bumper sticker and yard sign.

I’m trying to figure out Steve Raby – I know many people who like him and I can see that.  Raby seems to be running away from the national Democratic Party (can’t fault him for that) – he said the word “independent” several times.  Raby dodged the Bush tax cut extension question, which was obvious to the crowd of small business people who will see their taxes rise on January 1.  I don’t doubt his concern for the Tennessee Valley.

I made the offer to Raby’s Finance Director that if they send us press releases, campaign event notices, or opinion pieces that we will post it.


Lisa Williams attended the forum with her husband State Representative Phil Williams (R – 6).   Lisa is one of my 10 year old niece’s favorite people – they met at a GOP breakfast – Lisa was very sweet and patient with her.

Thanks to HASBAT for a nice lunch and a great event!

Community Boathouse

Congressman Parker Griffith is running a TV ad that says:

Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer money is being wasted on pork barrel projects and, earmarks to buy votes including $100,000 for a boathouse.
Career Politician
Big Spender
Part of the Problem
I’m Parker Griffith and I approve this message.

Whatever goodwill Griffith’s previous ads may have gained him just went out the scuppers.  Maybe a casual voter will believe the ad, but anyone who’s been paying attention to local politics knows that Mo Brooks isn’t a big spender – just the opposite – he’s a bulwark against spending.

The Rocket City Rowing Club held a Press Conference today at the Boathouse on Hobb’s Island Road mentioned in Griffith’s ad.  WHNT19, The Huntsville Times, and Huntsville Newswire covered the event. 

Challen Stephens of The Huntsville Times wrote “Boathouse stirs political row”:

Brooks does indeed pass out hundreds of thousands of tax dollars each year, tax dollars he often delivers in person at PTA meetings.

But he wasn’t alone on this project.

The old boathouse had been condemned. The county paid $7,000 for the land for the new one. Commissioners Mike Gillespie and Faye Dyer combined to chip in $30,000 toward the project. Commissioner Jerry Craig provided labor.

Here are the Huntsville Newswire reports: “Griffith: Boathouse good example of out of control spending” and “Rowers to politicians: Keep us out of your campaigns”.

Since the Boathouse is owned by Madison County and Brooks is a County Commissioner, IMO it’s a valid campaign issue (even if bringing it up is bilgewater).  That said, the Boathouse is no different from ballfields, dog parks, marinas, nature trails, or other public facilities which provide quality of life improvements to segments of the population.  IMO this is an appropriate use of County taxes (would I complain if Federal taxes were used to build a boathouse in Madison County – you betcha).


This is what I learned about the Boathouse and the Rocket City Rowing Club…  The Boathouse opened in 2008 and replaced a condemned boat shed.  Total construction cost was about $155,ooo with $30,000 of that donated by the Rocket City Rowing Club (great deal for the County).  The Boathouse is a four bay metal building: one bay for community boats, one bay for UAH Crew, and two bays for Rocket City Rowing.  Note that the bays are rented out to these organizations (or for community / public rental).  There are about 35 boats in dry storage, some costing as much as $30,000.   The Boathouse is owned by Madison County, managed by UAH, and the grounds are maintained by RCRC.

Rocket City Rowing Club competes against teams from all over the Southeast (e.g., the Head of the Hooch in Chattanooga) and hosts the Hobb’s Island Regatta (October 16, 2010).  BTW our Boathouse is a “doghouse” compared to the Chattanooga boathouse (for those who like to compare us to Chattanooga).

RCRC noted that some kids receive scholarships for their involvement in crew – for example I heard that a Randolph HS kid earned a scholarship to MIT – for crew.


Along with being a beautiful day to spend by the River, today was clean up day – so there were about 50 kids and adults cleaning boats, scrubbing floors, and mowing grass.  As it should be, the kids were doing most of the work, led by their coxswains (the kid in charge of each boat).  I was pleased to meet this group of people – they contribute a lot to our community and have fun while doing it.


UAH Congressional Forum

From the “Consortium of Students for Justice and Liberty”:

A Republican Congressional Forum will take place on Monday, April 12, 2010 at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. The hosting organization, The Consortium of Students for Justice and Liberty, is inviting the public to attend this free of charge event. North Alabama’s 5th Congressional District candidates, Mo Brooks, Parker Griffith, and Les Phillip have confirmed their participation in this event. The Consortium of Students for Justice and Liberty, an association of middle and high school students, will solicit questions for the forum from organizations around town and from several area schools. This is not an opportunity to protest, but instead a time to listen and hear what the candidates have to say.

The forum will be held in the University Center/Admissions Building on the UA Huntsville Campus. The doors will be opened to the public at 6:30pm with the program beginning at 6:45pm. The forum will begin at 7:00pm and end at 9:00pm. A straw poll will be taken and the results will be announced at the end of the forum. Members of the media are invited to attend and are welcome to collect questions from throughout the community and then submit them to the pool of questions for the candidates.

I’m not familiar with The Consortium of Students for Justice and Liberty, can someone tell us about the group?