We’d all be sleeping together

“If North Korean missiles hit Huntsville, we’d all be sleeping together”.

I attended the Huntsville City Council meeting tonight, and Councilman Will Culver made a great point – Huntsville comes together.  This was better than TV’s “Parks and Recreation”;  if you haven’t attended local Government meetings you’re missing out on the real fun. Culver made his point that when disaster strikes or when people need help, it doesn’t matter what color you are, your neighbors are there for you.

Here’s a quicklook at the City Council meeting:

No more housing projects in South Huntsville.  Councilwoman Sandra Moon made it clear that the HHA Board had assured her that there will be no more apartment purchases in South Huntsville.  HHA Director Lundy reiterated that point saying “HHA has no intentions of purchasing apartment complexes in Southeast or Southwest Huntsville”.

Section 8 housing is OK.  It seems that a consensus of the City Government, HHA, and concerned citizens believe that vouchers and development (escrow) accounts are an acceptable approach to public housing in Huntsville.

The Medical District housing development is the ‘Gateway Place’ Senior Center, which will be built on the site of Councill Court.

HHA Director Mike Lundy does well in a controlled environment (i.e., Roberts Rules of Order).  He provided some good, detailed information to the public and his heart is in the right place.  As one of the leaders of Stone Manor who is being relocated said: “I feel that Mr. Lundy cares”. I might have some disagreements with him on policies, but I can’t help but feel pride that HHA is a “high-performing organization”.  I think it means that they spend money in a correct and timely manner, maybe someone will explain what it really means…

Mayor Battle proved himself to be an honorable gentleman. The Mayor apologized to Linda Lawrence for his remarks at the Chaffee Public Hearing, saying “I said some things I shouldn’t have said” and “I apologize to you”. Ms. Lawrence accepted his apology.

Councilman Culver said to people complaining about public housing: “keep it to yourself” and “we’re going to handle it”.  He’s new to the Council, but clearly he needs to get used to the idea of free speech.

People are dying trying to cross University Drive.  William Lynch spoke about his grand-daughter getting killed while crossing University.  He proposed a pedestrian crosswalk.

Councilman Richard Showers proposed an Ad Hoc Committee to study a Police Review Board.  He proposed a “diverse group” made up of representatives from the NAACP, other black groups he named but I forgot, Fraternities / Sororities (I don’t think he meant UAH), Public Housing, Existing Community Organizations, and the Homeless.  The Committee would review current police review board models and pick one.

More later… but it seems that the City and the HHA got the message.  IMO their public housing plan was too risky – the chance of failure is too great to risk the future of the City – at least that’s what I hope they think.

On a personal note, I got to meet Challen Stephens of The Huntsville Times. I have a lot of respect for his work, and I link to and quote from his articles often.  His articles on the links between income and test scores in City schools were well-researched and drew rational conclusions.  His recent article on the public housing issue was very good – he ended up validating many of the same points that were made here.

Even better, he says that he’s read Flashpoint.