Riley appoints Dennis O’Dell to judgeship

Governor Bob Riley appointed District Judge Dennis O’Dell (R) to the Circuit Court judgeship vacated by retiring Judge Buddy Little (D).

From The Huntsville Times:

“There’s a lot of work to do, and I want to get to work as soon as possible,” O’Dell said.

The Circuit Court caseload is around 100,000 cases a year, O’Dell said, roughly twice that of the District Court.

The District Court caseload is about 50,000 cases a year, O’Dell said “and there are four judges. So, it comes out to be about 12,000 cases per year. It’s a massive caseload.”


Governor Riley now has a District Court judgeship to appoint.  I’m not on the Madison County Judicial Commission, but I think that they might recommend Assistant District Attorney Bill Starnes (as one of their three recommended candidates).  Note to Governor Riley – if Starnes is on the list – I recommend that you appoint him.