Pinkleton Announces for State House 20

From the Pinkleton campaign:

David Pinkleton will be challenging Rep. Howard Sanderford in the Republican Primary on June 1st for State House District 20. David will bring energy and excitement to the District 20 race. He knows the state budget is of great concern to the constituents of District 20. As a state legislator, David will work hard to make sure that state government does more with less.

“The forecast is gloomy for Alabama. The Governor is hedging on stimulus money to balance the state’s checkbook at a time when my generation will have to live with the consequences of the state budget. That’s why I am running and that’s why I need your support,” Pinkleton said.

As a state legislator, David will push the envelope in Montgomery to ensure greater transparency in government on a local and state level. David will also work alongside other Madison County lawmakers to ensure that much needed road and bridge repair in Madison County begins prior to the influx of 10,000+ defense related jobs by 2011 as a result of BRAC.

Additional information about David Pinkleton can be found on his Facebook page.