Liberals – Dale Jackson wants you

Yes, I know that your ideas are best left hidden (how else to explain Steve Raby, Laura Hall, or Jenny Askins?). 

Regardless, your bestest friend, The Kingmaker Dale Jackson of WVNN 92.5FM / 770AM wants you!!!  If you think that you can present your failed lefty talking points to Huntsville in a semi-coherent manner, then drop Dale a line:

Are You The Liberal Dale Jackson? 

Does this animal exist?

The local liberals/progressives/Democrats have no message and no one to vet their candidates because frankly the political media in this town is embarrassing.

I, according to Dr. Jess Brown, pushed coverage of the GOP primary for Congress to a point where real issues actually were discussed and the candidates were actually vetted.

SO… being the humanitarian that I am I want to find someone on the left LOCALLY to do the same.

Here is what I am looking for in the person I am seeking…

  • They need to be entertaining
  • They need to have convictions
  • They need to be able to articulate an opinion
  • They need to have the ability to ask hard question to  political figures
  • They need to be fearless
  • They need to be willing to buck the ideology/party when needed

Do you know someone like this? If so contact me at and we will give you an oppurtunity for a 3 minute tryout over the air, if you can’t go three minutes we will find this out.

What is the prize?

  • You get to be the Democratic Dale Jackson
  • You get a 1 hour segment on The Dale Jackson Show every week (you choose the time)
         + 30 minutes solo (or with a guest)
         + 30 minutes with Dale Jackson
  • Potential to launch a talk radio career

I am serious about this.

I want to find this person. I want this to work.

Are you the one?

Liberals have whined for years about the monolpoly of conservative talk radio and I want to help change that.

If you or someone you know wants to be the “Liberal Dale Jackson” contact me at and we will give you an opportunity for a 3 minute tryout over the air, if you can’t go three minutes we will find this out.

Of course, I expect a “train wreck” – Democratic Party cowards haven’t explained their positions for years – because they know that if they ever exposed themselves they will be humiliated in the marketplace of ideas (and defeated at the ballot box).  Instead, we get Democrats posing as conservatives, or as non-partisan.  For example, I watched Democrat Anzolone operative Zac McCrary lying on APT that it was incorrect to say that AEA’s Paul Hubbert (recent Vice Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party) was a Democrat (and shame on the APT anchor for not calling him on it).

Anyway, now’s your chance to spread your bile to North Alabama.  Own it.  Explain why Charter Schools are bad, or why killing babies is good, or why allowing Saddam Hussein to kill more people than have died in the Darfur genocide was none of our business.  Tell us how more spending will lead to prosperity.  Remind us how Obama promised that the oceans would stop rising or how John Edwards would cure cancer (only if he was elected). Let us know that Steny Hoyer says that if the Bush tax cuts expire it is a Republican tax increase.  Tell us that you want campaign finance reform (PAC to PAC transfer ban) but how you vote for people who kill it.  Remind us of how many Democrats have been politically persecuted for getting caught stealing from children (Johnson, Schmitz, etc).  Explain why just about every candidate you run has ethical problems, from cheating on their spouses to cheating on their taxes to subverting elections (like Congressional candidate Steve Raby’s role in an attempted school board hijacking).

Try to remember that Dale is offering you the opportunity to speak, as opposed to the standard liberal Stalinist tactic of silencing the opposition..

Big Hugs…

WVNN candidate get together at Mason’s

WVNN’s Dale Jackson is hosting a candidate get together at Mason’s downtown this Friday, February 26, 2010 from 5PM until 8PM.

Dale Jackson’s last event at the Melting Pot drew a huge crowd – this event should be even bigger.  Mason’s has a great beer list, good food, and a pleasant ambiance – plus they’ll be well-dressed for this event.  If you want to get to know your local politicos, now’s your chance.  If you want to discuss the Free the Hops Brewery Modernization Act with them – I’m sure they’d love to hear about it.

Confirmed officials and candidates include a good mix of Democrats and Republicans:

  • State Senator Tom Butler
  • State Representative Mike Ball
  • State Representative Phil Williams
  • State Representative Butch Taylor
  • State Representative Micky Hammon
  • State Representative Randy Hinshaw
  • State Representative Howard Sanderford
  • AL-05 Congressional Candidate Mo Brooks
  • AL-05 Congressional Candidate Les Phillip
  • AL-05 Congressional Candidate Mitchell Howie
  • Candidate for State Senate (SD-2) Bill Holtzclaw
  • Candidate for State Senate (SD-9) Tony Cochran
  • Candidate for State Senate (SD-9) Don Spurlin
  • Candidate for State Senate (SD-9) John Wilson
  • Candidate for State Senate (SD-9) Clay Scofield
  • Candidate for State Representative (D-20) David Pinkleton
  • Candidate for State School Board Mary Scott Hunter

Lesson Learned – Always Listen

I missed Dale Jackson’s show yesterday morning.  Yes, I know that Roger Richardson was scheduled to be a guest and that it was an important pre-election show, but, I didn’t listen.

Well, I sure learned my lesson.  I missed the biggest event to hit the State of Alabama since WVNN went All Dale All the Time. 

Really, I missed Dale joking that Democrats vote on Wednesday, plus I missed seeing Dale’s satirical Press Release which said the same thing.  Jackson admits that cutting and pasting the State seal into his press release was a mistake.

From now on, I plan to listen to Dale daily – no excuses, no rolling over, no vacations (well, maybe except for going to the beach, and maybe I’ll just sleep through the first hour, and maybe the dog ate my radio).

The Democrats are going to try to take Dale’s scalp for his stunt – but the joke’s on them – Dale shaves his head.  Seriously, Dale may be in trouble a bit and he’s probably got some explaining to do.  Secretary of State Beth Chapman’s office seems to have overreacted to the stunt by issuing their alarmist Press Release.

Good for Dale Jackson for standing up for free speech – satire is speech.

Flashpoint on the Radio

Brian and I filled in for Dale Jackson this morning at WVNN.  If anyone was listening please comment.  I don’t think we did terribly badly but I’m sure it wasn’t brilliant radio either.  I was pretty nervous and thinking on my feet isn’t my strong suit – I like to ponder and write and revise.   I got up at four dark thirty this morning to be at WVNN by 5:45AM.

We had GOP Candidate for Governor Dr. Robert Bentley on for two segments: we talked about ethics, health care, economic development, and Free the Hops. 

Dr. Bentley described his plan to create scholarships for Primary Care Physicians who commit to working in underserved areas.  He also talked about Health Savings Accounts and we asked him if the State could implement some sort of ‘Individual Development Account’ for Health Care.  We asked Bentley about his Economic Development ideas – he prefers that the State encourage existing / local industries to grow, as opposed to giving (m/b)illions to foreign companies (id est Thyssen-Kruppe).

Dr. Bentley opposed Free the Hops in the legislature (he says he consistently opposes alcohol and gambling); but I asked if as Governor he would sign the Gourmet Beer Bill – with some nuance, he said he would (since it would have passed the legislature). 

Danny at Doc’s Political Parlor was our guest for two segments.  I don’t think I got a chance to speak to him (time flies and hard breaks) – I wanted him to talk about lawn mower care.  He did talk about Free the Hops as an example of a (nearly) successful grass roots organization impacting the political process.  Danny also talked about the 2010 Big List of Candidates - which really is THE BIG LIST.

Throughout the show, Brian and I covered topics including Free the Hops (contact Governor Riley to support HB373 Gourmet Beer Bill), Huntsville Housing, Ethics and PACs, Right On Huntsville’s Sanford Fundraiser at Ketchup on May21, and socialism in Mexico (how did that happen?).

All in all, it was great fun.  Thanks to Dale Jackson for allowing us to guest host for him; I can hardly wait to hear his big news when he returns.  Thanks to the producer Jason for taking good care of us.  And be sure to buy something from WVNN’s advertisers.


WVNN put up a poll asking Who was your favorite fill-in host for “The Dale Jackson Show”?

Dale Jackson also has the podcast available for all of his guest hosts this week.  If you missed Brian and I this morning this is your chance to hear ALL 3 HOURS!!!