“Mean as a snake” Democratic Party Chairman visits Huntsville

Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Justice Mark Kennedy visited Huntsville today for a reception at Amendment XXI downtown.  WVNN’s ‘cyberbullying coping counselor’ Dale Jackson and I attended the event, along with more than 50 local Democrats.

Self-described “mean as a snake” former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Kennedy gave a good speech highlighting the challenges faced by Alabama Democrats and some of his improvements to the State Party organization.  Personally, I thought Kennedy seemed to be a pretty nice guy, but when someone tells you they’re mean as a snake you ought to listen…

Kidding aside, Kennedy said that the State Party would stop charging candidates for voter lists and that the Democrats would focus on “taking back the courthouses” across Alabama.   The Party is sending training teams throughout the State instructing activists on how to hold meetings, including how much lemonade to serve for how many people.

Kennedy complained that the PAC to PAC transfer ban killed Democratic Party fundraising – I say good riddance to money laundering and shady backroom deals.  As a judge, Kennedy ruled in favor of the White Hall casino – saying that the slot machines were actually bingo machines instead of slot machines.  I’ve seen (and um, ‘investigated’) bingo machines, and IMO if he can’t tell the difference between bingo and a slot machine I’m happy he’s on their side…

Non-partisan Huntsville City Schools Board of Education member Laurie McCauley attended, as well as my former State Representative Randy Hinshaw.  I really do enjoy talking with my friend Randy and I got to meet former candidate for State Representative Jenny Askins: I wrote about her non-approach to political issues in a terribly snarky post  “Whatever YOU want” (however I didn’t write that Askins is the “Democrat version of Sarah Palin”). [Reactionary edit - the link appears to be broken, but this refers to an AL.com commenter who wrote the following on 7/12/2009:  "Askins is hot, but her response to the debate invitation that “people elect legislators, debates dont elect legislators” is insipid. She is the Democratic version of Palin."]   I’m pretty sure from her demeanor toward me that she reads the blog…

I also got to speak with countrycat of Left in Alabama, with whom I share an interest in gardening.  BTW my heirloom Cherokee Purple tomatoes are almost ready – this is my first year of growing them and I’m eager to know if they really are the “best tasting tomato” and “almost like candy”.

10 thoughts on ““Mean as a snake” Democratic Party Chairman visits Huntsville

  1. O.K., but what we really want to know is whether you (or even better, Dale) talked to countrycat about the pro-illegal immigration rally and the behavior of his kid. That would have to be a whole lot more fun than gardening!

  2. Ben – the young man who displayed aggressive behavior toward Dale Jackson at the rally is not associated with the Lefties – they say they don’t know him. BTW ‘countrycat’ is female and as Dale noted, her teen daughter (commiekitten?) was wearing a communist t-shirt at the immigration rally.

    • Reactionary, It was fun talking with you last night and I hope you keep everyone updated about the progress of the Cherokee Purples. We’ve considered growing them but had a bad experience with yellow tomatoes a couple of years ago. That’s made me leery of any color but red. :-)

      Speaking of red, you might like the young cone’s t-shirt. It’s a joke shirt that shows a “Communist party” with a small “p.” It has Lenin, Stalin, Castro, and other guys I don’t recognize wandering around with drinks in hand & lampshades on their heads.

      I’ll have some video up of Kennedy’s speech over the next couple of days. Have to fit it in with canning tomatoes. They don’t wait.

      • Shirt sounds like something sold off the peoples cube, which a quick search will turn up.

    • Reactionary,

      Sorry, I was just going on what Dale had originally said. I hadn’t seen his correction.

  3. Anyone ask Chairman Kennedy how you get appoint to a Judgeship just for marrying the Govermor’s daughter?