Huntsville breweries in Draft Magazine

Huntsville got a mention in the Draft Magazine feature story “12 breweries to watch in 2011″ (thanks to Damon for the tip):

Three new breweries in this tony Southern town bring Alabama’s brewery count to nine. The trio—Straight to Ale, Yellowhammer and Blue Pants—plans to keep the competition friendly in favor of elevating the city’s palate. “All I’m interested in is getting people to drink craft beer in general,” says Yellowhammer brewer Keith Yager. “The worst that could happen is that any one of us is bad, because then it turns everyone off.” Here’s what each outfit’s working on:

Straight to Ale
Launched in spring, this devil-themed brewery brews four regulars—Monkeynaught IPA, Lily Flagg Milk Stout, Wernher von Brown Ale and Brother Joseph’s Belgian Dubbel—plus several “occasionals” like a raspberry wheat. And it has already introduced a limited-edition lineup: the Right to Brew Series, a line of brews crafted in collaboration with guest homebrewers. The first, a Belgian quad, debuted in September.

Yellowhammer Brewery
Named after Alabama’s state bird, Yellowhammer introduced an IPA and a ginger-and-lime-leaf-spiked Belgian White in October; Yager will expand the lineup with a German altbier, a tripel and a kolsch next year.

Blue Pants Brewery

This quirky nanobrewery launched in October with Knickerbocker Red, a keg-conditioned, Cascade-hopped American red. Next up: Pinstripe Stout, an imperial version loaded with chocolate, coffee and vanilla.

These beers are available at The Nook, Mason’s, and 1892 East at Five Points.  Perhaps surprisingly, many of these beers are also available from Liquor Express (University / Pratt and Church), where you can buy half gallon and quart plastic jugs (tony Southern ‘growlers’) of draft beer to go.


Free the Hops (known around here as ‘Dan’) wrote a couple of articles about the next legislative session and the political climate for advancing beer laws in Alabama.  “The next term” addresses Governor Bentley:

The next Governor consistently voted against Free the Hops legislation as a state representative…

Free the Hops has never given endorsements in state elections – we’ll work with the members the people choose for us to work with…

For Governor-elect Robert Bentley, being a No vote in the legislature is a lot different than being a veto as Governor. During a radio interview in north Alabama during the primary, Bentley indicated to the listening audience that he would not have vetoed the Gourmet Beer Bill had it been sent to his desk as Governor. [Even better, Bentley actually said he would sign the Gourmet Beer Bill - Reactionary]

“The new legislative leaders, on beer” addresses presumptive Senate President Pro Tempore Del Marsh and Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard:

Senate President Pro Tempore
Senator Del Marsh (R-Anniston)

Senator Marsh has been on the Tourism and Marketing Committee, which has consistently voted in favor of our bills, since we first introduced the Gourmet Beer Bill. He has voted in favor of the Gourmet Beer Bill and Homebrew Legalization, and FTH members in his district report that he is responsive to their communication.

Speaker of the House
Representative Mike Hubbard (R-Auburn)

Since 2007, FTH members have relayed to us that Representative Hubbard supports our legislation, and he has consistently voted in favor of the Gourmet Beer Bill. Hubbard also completed the 2010 FTH Candidate Survey and reported that he supported raising the container size restriction, homebrew legalization, and the Brewery Modernization Act.

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  1. Good catch Mike – I don’t know of nine breweries in Alabama – I think they included planned breweries (and maybe brewpubs) in anticipation of them opening before the publication date.