Jane Smith joins GOP

Madison County Circuit Clerk Jane Smith announced today that “I am officially joining the Republican Party… For those of you who know me, this is no surprise… I will be proud of the stand I take here today… We must join together as conservatives and Republicans… Standing on the sidelines is not an option… [we need] change from the Courthouse to the Statehouse to the White House.”

Brian and I attended the Madison County Republican breakfast this morning, along with a couple of hundred officials, members, and fellow travelers.

State Representative Howard Sanderford (R-20) announced that five Democratic Representatives will be joining the GOP, further confirming the rumors that have been floating around since Phil Williams (R-6) mentioned the gains earlier this week.  Sanderford noted that there are just a few white Democrats left in the State Legislature, and not that many more black Democrats.

I think that the national Republican conservative / Democratic liberal realignment rolled into Alabama state politics this year, completing a process that has been building for years.    I think that we will see a GOP realignment at the County level and it won’t take long to realize those gains.  The dam burst in the November elections here in Madison County with every Democrat at the county level being defeated.  There are one or two more local Democrats I’d like to see come over.

To take Sanderford’s point to the next level, I think that we’ll see a realignment in the black community.  The GOP has some work to do to make that happen, but blacks are more conservative than liberal and aren’t being served by corrupt Democrats and liberals.  Some people might be surprised when this happens here in Alabama – but I think black folks will come home to the GOP.

Coroner-elect Craig Whisenant spoke to the crowd for a minute, saying that his plan to reform the Coroner’s office is coming together.  Once he takes office (note that the Democrats and The Times are complaining about him before he’s even been sworn in), I think we’ll see some positive changes in the office.  I chatted with Whisenant after the meeting (first time to talk in real life) and he said that he will send us details of the plan soon.

9 thoughts on “Jane Smith joins GOP

  1. If I remember correctly I think the only democrats left in Cullman County in elected office is the Probate Judge Leah Lust,Circuit Court Clerk Bob Bates and two circuit court judges. Luckily for them they werent on the ballot this year. Im not sure what the situation is in the Shoals on the court house level…..been out on the road working my tail off the last two months so I kind of lost track of the situation there. Along the Tennessee side of the border with Bama. The GOP won a majority of the county offices in McNairy County this year by winning the Sheriff and County Mayors race. The races in Hardin County are non partisan and Im not sure about Wayne, Giles and Lawrence. Although an unknown GOP candidate for state senate did knock off a longtime incumbent democrat state senator who represented Lawrence County in the state senate. There are numerous rumors of the GOP taking numerical control of the state senate in Mississippi in the coming weeks. The story there has it that the black state senator Eric Powell(D) who represents Iuka and Corinth will be one of the two that will switch before redistricting comes up in january.

  2. Lawrence Co., Alabama ( 23,688 Reg. Voters) had 573 votes in the 2008 Republican Primary. Lawrence Co. now has an Elected Republican Circuit Judge, District Judge, State House member, 3 County Commissioners, & a School Board member. Times are a changing.

  3. Well, as Brian has pointed out, polarization is the natural state of things in politics. So if everyone is a Republican, there will soon be splits in the state GOP big enough to drive a truck through. Probably along a populist/libertarian faultline, if I had to guess, with the populists coming from the rural areas and the libertarians representing suburban and wealthier districts. Of course, I mean libertarian only in an economic sense — I don’t see a breakout of libertine and pro-drug sentiments in the legislature anytime soon.

  4. Times may indeed be changing, but I have always had a healthy distrust of party swappers and have always been against them in primaries and voted with my nose held in generals. I know this has been common in Alabama foe about 30 years now, but I can’t think of one I really like.

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  6. Jane Smith was considering the switch for some time. She had attended the Men’s Club meeting in the past and has been talking with local Republicans for a while. I practice law in Madison County and have worked with her and her office for years. She runs a great office and has always been helpful, courteous, and quick to respond when I have had any issues. Personally I am thrilled to have Jane Smith join the party.