Jindal – American Rights

National Review Online posted “American Rights, American Responsibilities” by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal:

In America today, we need to trust ourselves not look to others to take care of us. As a society, we bloom when we allow individuals to work hard and enjoy what they can achieve. Economist and Nobel laureate F. A. Hayek rightly credited the “unchaining of individual energies” with creating and sustaining the West’s freedom and prosperity. Only individuals create and dream, something Americans have recognized since the nation’s founding. That is why we Americans reject collectivism. We do not believe that, in the words of one turn-of-the-century German thinker, “The individual is nothing in relation to the course [of time], the species is everything.”

…Today, we have taxpayer dollars going to banks, investment houses, and automakers, and financial firms that are judged “too big to fail.” Our government is supposed to be a “partner” with these businesses. As one businessman told me, that’s like an alligator having a chicken as a partner for dinner. I believe big government should not be picking and choosing which companies we will bail out or rescue. That political competition lets the best lobbyists determine the winner.

…Consider the words of Harry Hopkins, who oversaw both the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and the distribution of funds from the Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA) under FDR during the Great Depression. “I thought at first I could be completely non-political,” Hopkins said (as quoted by Robert E. Sherwood in the definitive Roosevelt and Hopkins: An Intimate History). “Then they told me I had to be part non-political and part political. I found out that was impossible, at least for me. I finally realized that there was nothing for it but to be all-political.”

…Yet today there are still some people who want to harp on America’s limits. They still say that our best days are behind us. These big-government advocates tell us their failures are the best Americans can do. Forget cooking up anything new — let’s just divide the old American pie into smaller, equally unsatisfying pieces.

That is all bunk. It’s not a sunset but a sunrise that still starts America’s day.

I hope Bobby Jindal runs for President someday, but Jindal said today “I’m not running for president in 2012. Period. No ifs, ands or buts, no caveats,” Jindal said. “We have made great progress in Louisiana, but we’ve got a lot more work to do.”

Public Policy Polling says Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are the leading Republican Presidential candidates for 2012, followed by Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin.  I Stand with Mitt.


BTW – To save you from having to look it up, the “German thinker” Jindal referred to was Ludwig Büchner in The Power of Heredity and Its Influence on the Moral and Mental Progress of Humanity published in 1882.

5 thoughts on “Jindal – American Rights

  1. Unlike Jindal, at least you pointed out where the quote came from (don’t most “German thinkers” have names), but it is taken WAY out of context. As far as the rest went I didn’t really see anything new here.

    As far as his campaign for President in 2012, I have been saying it was DOA for years. Jindal has too run for reelection as Governor in 2011 (an office he needs to retain to run for president) and he will probably win, but that’s not the issue. Basically he would have to begin running for Governor now and then run for the GOP nomination and Governor at the same time next year which would be politically unpopular, but not to mention extremely exhausting. I can’t think of any reason to puts oneself and family through the hell of a 3-year Gubernatorial/Presidential campaign and I am sure he feels the same way. Better luck in 2018.

  2. Reactionary,
    I just cannot see Romney even coming to close to the nomination because once the ads start it will be nothing but “Romneycare –> Obamacare” and that will be gameover.
    Furthermore, it troubles me that Romney designed and supported Romneycare in the first place.

  3. While I understand the reasons for his withdrawal I really was hoping Jindal would run, I still liked him better than the rest of the current crop. I think Mitt might be more appealing to the moderates/independents that the winner has to have to win in 2012 but his tie in with Mass healthcare might be a plus or a minus. I think Newt is the most qualified and the smartest of the bunch, I also see him and Sarah Palin as totally unelectable, they both are somewhat polarizing individuals. Huckabee while saying all the right things I don’t really trust, if I learned anything out of these elections it was that he was for sale in most elections where he endorsed somebody. We need a new face, Pawlenty might be the one but so far he puts me to sleep. The Republican party has some promising new faces but I doubt they would be ready for 2012 so the chances of us unseating a sitting president grow slimmer, I can’t wait to see all the infighting that will end all chances.

  4. The only sure fire thing to watch this early is the GOP’s trend of anointing a candidate and sticking with said candidate. Some people are saying that person is Romeny this cycle, but I think it is far too early to make that assumption. I will say that it can’t hurt him.