A Star is Born

A Star is Born

A Star is Born











This is the trash cart made famous in State Senator Paul Sanford’s TV ad.

In what seems like an announcement for 2014, Paul Sanford says:

we need help retrieving our signs for the next time.  bring them to Little Paul’s and we will store for future use.  Thanks!

I like this on so many levels.  First, reuse is a good waste management practice. Second, I appreciate frugality.  Third, we might get to vote for Paul again in 2014.

I’m fixing to head down to Little Paul’s to get some pie, so if you want me to swing by and get your yard sign let me know…

8 thoughts on “A Star is Born

  1. Same here – got a bunch and will pu for Paul. Post location on here and will try and get. Wouldn’t kill folks to just store them and pull them out in two years. Ought to be able to use these for about 3-4 campaigns till Paul is atop of Goat Hill.

  2. In my experience, signs only last for about 6 years – he’ll get one more use out of them. The metal posts can be reused much longer.

  3. Yeah, I was thinking of my W sign that I used as a backyard lawn ornament… They would last longer if stored, but I think the ink still starts coming off…

    Mike – how was Montgomery?

  4. if you pull the metal out of the signs and wire them together they make good tomato plant and other garden plant stakes. i’ve got dozens of them i use and reuse. be careful with ones out of republican candidate signs. wipe them off with a little bleach and water mix. i’ve found them to have some kind of destructive germ on them.

  5. My brother-in-law reused signs as target backstops at his backyard firing range. Bi-partisan – he’d use anybody’s signs…

    ivan – I’ve used the stands as garden stakes, too. Dem signs fertilize the garden because their candidates are so full of BS.

    I’ve also used signs to make mazes / forts / playhouses (add a sheet roof) for toddlers.

    IIRC the City recycled signs one year – but not again.

  6. Ive done the same Ivan and react. Also part of me smiled election night when I heard Jan Cook lost. My late mom would call me and complain to high heaven about all the Jan Cook signs that were still up in late 2007 between Vinemont and Hartselle.