The 2010 Wave

Democrats got an application of lac bug (tachardia lacca) secretions on Election Day 2010, according to President Obama (the “shellacking”). 

Whether you call it the Tsunami, Teanami, Demplosion, Demogeddon, or just an historic election, last night was only the first round.  Taking the House is a start, taking the Senate and the Presidency in 2012 are the next steps to righting the ship of state before it capsizes under the rough seas of socialism.

Happy days are here again in Alabama, as Republicans swept the State Offices on the ballot and gained control of the State legislature for the first time in 136 years.   Closer to home, every Madison County office on the ballot was won by Republicans, including the Coroner!

There might be some additional delayed victories for the GOP.  I was talking to a prominent local Democrat today (who increasingly votes Republican), who told of getting calls from local politicians asking if they should switch parties.  This could be the other shoe to drop from Tuesday’s election - remember that Senator Shelby switched parties after the 1994 Republican wave.

As you may remember, I voted the “straight party” line on Tuesday (so did 52% of Madison County voters – 23% voted Dem and 29% voted GOP).  Everyone I voted for won.  The closest elections were 52% wins – Kay Ivey for Lt. Gov, Jim Patterson for House 21, and Craig Whisenant for MadCo Coroner.  Normally that’s considered a solid win (Democrats and Obama considered 53% a mandate), but compared to the 60%s and even 75% wins it only seems adequate.

Statewide Amendments 1, 2, and 3 were voted down.  Statewide Amendment 4 (“Don’t mess with Blount County”) is still too close to call.  MadCo local Amendments 1 (no occupational tax) and 2 (dangerous dogs) both passed by more than 70%.  I consider Amendment 1 to be a grand bit of maneuvering by Randy Hinshaw – regardless of his motives, he proposed an amendment that I had to support.  Nice job Randy – I’ll miss that.


The Madison County Record published “Holtzclaw, Bentley, Republicans Win” - they sent a reporter to the Davidson Center to cover the GOP Election Night gathering.

5 thoughts on “The 2010 Wave

  1. This could be the other shoe to drop from Tuesday’s election – remember that Senator Shelby switched parties after the 1994 Republican wave.

    I was wondering about this, too. I figure there are several legislative Dems who are conservative but were hanging with the donks just so they could stay in the majority. As of last night, they are in the minority and scared stiff. It’s got to be tempting to them to switch.

    I don’t see this election as a one-off thing in the state, either. Alabama has been a “red state” for quite some time, but old voting habits sometimes die hard, particularly when longtime legislators are on the ballot every year. The voters have finally allowed their votes to catch up with their ideology, and I don’t see them going back anytime soon. It used to be that a state party could insulate itself from the national party, but in these days of cable news, internet, and general media interconnectedness, that’s just not possible. Alabama Democrats can no longer sell the idea that they are “different” from the national party, particularly when some of the state party’s standard-bearers (e.g., Sparks) support things like ObamaCare.

    I predict that within another election cycle or two, there will be a stark geographic distinction between Republicans and Democrats in the state. The Dems will represent the dense urban areas and the Black Belt, and the GOP will rein everywhere else. And given the tendencies of the national party, good luck to the donks in trying to dig out of that hole.

  2. Everyone you voted for won. You should have bought a lottery ticket.

    I heard a rumor that Mark Craig, MadCo License Director and son of County Commissioner Jerry Craig, is one of the officials who may be switching parties. Would make for an interesting Thanksgiving dinner conversation I suspect.

  3. If he becomes a Repub would that mean we could then make our check out to license director instead of him personally? Kidding of course – Mark Craig is a good official in my book and I would surely welcome him into the fold. He seems deep down to be a conservative.