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The Madison County Young Republicans and Right On Huntsville are hosting the Huntsville Governors Forum on Tuesday March 2, 2010 at the Alabama Space and Rocket Center’s Davidson Center. 

The forum is open to the public and starts promptly at 6:15PM – that’s when the Butler High School Junior Air Force ROTC Color Guard opens the event with the presentation of the colors.  If you know their Instructor, then you know that this event -shall- start on time.

There will be a private Reception with the Gubernatorial candidates starting  at 5:00PM (tickets are $50 each, available online).

I’m announcing a milestone of sorts – the Huntsville Governors Forum website is UP!  Check it out!  The links work!  The reception ticket ordering system works!

We are developing a questionnaire for the candidates - their responses will be featured at the HGF website.  There will be nine questions – plus the softball.  If you have a question that you’d us to consider, or if you’d like to chime in on which questions we should ask, please comment.  Note that a Free the Hops question will (likely) be asked during the Forum itself.  Also note that a question on tapping into the Alabama Trust Fund will (likely) be asked during the Forum.  Here’s a draft list of questions:

1.  Do you support Initiative and Referendum?
2.  Do you support the re-authorization of Forever Wild?
3.  What is your position on gambling?  Do you support dog-tracks, lottery, casinos, bingo, making a compact with the Creeks?
4.  Alabama is currently coping with budget shortfalls that have led to pro-ration and forced the state to use the “rainy day fund”.  What solution would you pursue as Governor? If spending cuts or tax increases are involved please provide specifics.
5.  What measures would you support to increase transparency and accountability in our state government?
6.  Do you support eliminating the grocery sales tax? If so, how do you propose to replace the lost revenue?
7.  What is your position on Constitutional Reform? Would you support a Constitutional Convention?
8.  What role should the state play in economic development?
9.  What ideas do you support for conserving the natural (environmental) and cultural heritage of Alabama?
10. What ideas do you have for roads and bridges – what is your transportation plan and how will you fund it?
11. What economic development incentives or initiatives do you propose and how will you pay for it?
12.  What ideas do you propose for improving health care?
13.  How often should property valuations for property taxes be conducted?
14.  Is PACT a promise and if so, how will you fund it?  Should the program be continued?
15. What ideas do you propose for improving education?
16.  What do you think about the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?
17.  How are you going to break the AEA’s hold on State government?
18.  How do you plan to allocate gas tax revenues?
19.  How much do you love guns and the Second Amendment?
20.  Do you support limiting the use of Eminent Domain?  What is your definition of “public use”?
21.  What water policy ideas do you support?
22. What ideas do you propose for improving trade and technical education?
23.  Do you support a State-wide system of building regulations and inspections?
24. What are your views on marriage?
25.  How will you improve public safety?

5 thoughts on “Huntsville Governors Forum Website

  1. I like a lot of these questions. But is it fair to ask about AEA’s “hold on state government” and not ask about ALFA’s and Business Council — among others? And i don’t get the point on the 10th amendment question? If there’s a constitutional question what’s a governor supposed to do about it? It’s congressional, and it’s judicial, isn’t it?

  2. I’m pleased to see that your first question on your draft list is about Initiative and Referendum (I&R). I’ve tried to contact all gubernatorial candidates either by email or through the contact pages on their campaign websites to ask them about I&R in an expanded manner which you might consider using. My short 3-part question that I’ve been asking reads as follows:

    [1] Do you support the idea of Alabama having a constitutional Initiative and Referendum (I&R) process to make Alabama the 25th I&R state as is proposed Representative Mike Ball’s HB201 [2] if you do, will you make it an issue in your campaign, and {3] if elected will you do everything possible in your power to get Ball’s bill passed by our legislature?

    I’ve received some responses from candidates, or at least seen indications of their positions on this issue that I will share by email with anyone interested in it if they request it in an email to me addressed to

  3. ivan – thank you. The ‘AEA hold on State Government’ question would be reworded (to generalize the question) before sending to the candidates – I included the red meat part to make the question interesting here. Just as the ‘how much do you love guns’ question would be reworded – I was poking fun at candidates who campaign with their shotguns (like Byrne and others – BTW I like Byrne’s ads).

    About the 10th Amendment question – it gauges a candidate’s ideas on State Sovereignty – reserving power to the States. I don’t think this is an issue on the lefty side – but it is an issue on our side as a check on the Federal Govt in areas like unfunded mandates.

    Which 9 questions would you ask?

    Don – thanks for the fancier wording :) Maybe a better question would be: do you support every bill that Mike Ball introduces because Mike makes great bills?

  4. I think you’ve got good questions. i used to like i and r — give the citizens a chance to propose legislation. California kind o0f scares me but the concept is good. problem is if many thousand petition signatures are involved, as they should be, sponsors with deep pockets have unbalanced power. advertising media ought to love it. if legislation could be worded for instance that doesn’t give alfa an easy route to get factory hog farms immunity from lawsuits over damage they do to neighbors and environment and state, it ought to be studied and investigated.

    A constitution convention ought to be a citizens convention elected by citizens — no state officials and no current legislators as delegates.

    health care for the uninsured and under insured — govt employees, even non-unionized auto plant workers, have good coverage. (I’m for the canadian system).

    i’m a gun owner and i dont want my guns to be taken away — “hide your guns if the democrats win cause gore is gonna get your guns” was a loud theme in Tenn in the bush-gore election. I’d ask what relevance the first part of the amendment has — “a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state ….”

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