Pinkleton Announces for State House 20

From the Pinkleton campaign:

David Pinkleton will be challenging Rep. Howard Sanderford in the Republican Primary on June 1st for State House District 20. David will bring energy and excitement to the District 20 race. He knows the state budget is of great concern to the constituents of District 20. As a state legislator, David will work hard to make sure that state government does more with less.

“The forecast is gloomy for Alabama. The Governor is hedging on stimulus money to balance the state’s checkbook at a time when my generation will have to live with the consequences of the state budget. That’s why I am running and that’s why I need your support,” Pinkleton said.

As a state legislator, David will push the envelope in Montgomery to ensure greater transparency in government on a local and state level. David will also work alongside other Madison County lawmakers to ensure that much needed road and bridge repair in Madison County begins prior to the influx of 10,000+ defense related jobs by 2011 as a result of BRAC.

Additional information about David Pinkleton can be found on his Facebook page.

12 thoughts on “Pinkleton Announces for State House 20

  1. Ok – That works.

    Do we know if he has been to the legislature during session? All questions that I would not ask if he was older – but seeing how is a College Senior these are things I would like to know.

  2. I’m all for new blood, i.e. Paul Sanford/Phil Williams…But it is really hard to take someone seriously, running for this type of position, who lists their office hours as “every thursday 6-8pm @ Barnes & Noble.”

    Sorry kid, this is the big leagues. Website is clean and better than 80% of ones i’ve seen so far in 2010, i’ll give him that.

  3. Jeff – I’ve met David Pinkleton once. I don’t know if he’s been to the legislature during session.

    I did offer up Paul Sanford as an example of the hard work involved in campaigning – Sanford attended City Council meetings, City Board / Agency / Authority meetings, Civic Association meetings, GOP meetings, &c. Paul also wore out a couple of pairs of shoes going door to door.

    I don’t live in Howard Sanderford’s district but I think he does a fine job. When Sanderford leaves office, I hope it’s on his terms.

    That said, I won’t discourage someone from running for office.

    • There doesn’t seem to be much of a rationale here for the voters to replace Sanderford. I admire this kid’s gumption, and as long as he keeps his campaign positive, that’s great. I just hope he doesn’t decide that going negative is the key to winning. His website at least doesn’t make me think he would do that.

  4. I find it hard to take some one serious who is not married or does not have kids. How is he supposed to relate to families? Those are two big life experiences that he does not have. Also has he been over seas to see what the world out side of Alabama is like? Like maybe Africa? Sounds like he is doing what he is told and does not know much for himself…

    • More power to him! I applaud Mr. Pinkleton for stepping up as an advocate for younger people in his district and in this state. You don’t really see many others doing things like this at his age. Not giving someone a chance simply because he is in college? That seems a little absurd. I would be willing to bet he is far brighter than many of the members of the House in Montgomery. Do you have to be married and have children to be a good leader?? I think not. He did come from a family right?….

      • What would make anybody think that he in any way would have anything to add to this district. As far as being a leader, I don’t need a kid to lead me anywhere. To you concerned citizen, what makes you think that he is remotely brighter than any of the members of the House in Montgomery. What kind of person is he? Did he struggle with grades and bounce around between different colleges. Has he ever been in any kind of rehab? Other than his momma and daddy, does anyone know anything about him other than him being a senior in college? I don’t know Mr. Sanderford, but his resume is much more impressive than Pinkleton’s… Oh wait, Pinkleton doesn’t have a resume because he hasn’t had a real job.

  5. I agree with Tahoe. I’ve met Pinkleton and the way he comes across is not the way of a leader. His handshake felt like a dead fish and his demeanor is not exactly that of a representative. He’s funny when he says the things he is going to do like he doesn’t have to go through the legislative process. People in Montgomery won’t take him seriously and he won’t bring anything to the table for us. Sanderford gets things done for us and that is why when he leaves it should be on his own terms.