Gourmet Beer arrives in Huntsville

The Nook sent a truck to Birmingham yesterday to pick up some newly legal Gourmet Beer (necessary until distribution gets set up).  The beers available included:

Duvel, a Belgian Strong Pale Ale style-rated AAA with 8.5% ABV, which sold for $7 each, plus sales tax and tip.

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, from North Coast Brewery in California style-rated AAA with 9% ABV, sold for $6 each, plus sales tax and tip.

Orval Trappist Ale, a Belgian Pale Ale made my Trappist monks style-rated AAA with 6.9% ABV, sold for $8 each (it’s for a good cause) plus sales tax and tip.

Three Philosophers Belgian Blend, a New York made Quadrupel style-rated AA with 9.8% ABV, sold for $7 each plus sales tax and tip.

To elected officials: look at that increased basis for the sales tax.

BTW, Microwave Dave played at the Nook last night (but without the Nukes).  Microwave Dave is a great Huntsville music institution – he’s been playing here as long as I can remember.

6 thoughts on “Gourmet Beer arrives in Huntsville

  1. I wonder how many folks will get DUIs because they don’t realize that 3 of the new beers puts them over the limit when Nat Lite never did.

    • Well, unles they’re already drunk, in which case what they order doesn’t matter, I think most folks who buy $8 beers (plus tax and tip!) aren’t doing so out of ignorance.

  2. Three Philosophers was one of the best beers I’ve had. Absolutely incredible. I’m not much on Old Rasputin, but plenty of people seem to love it.

  3. Gentlemen you sure seem like your enjoying this. Ive only drunk alcohol probably six or seven times in my life. The only beer Ive ever had was when I drunk a little from my fathers can at a St Louis Cardinals game in the late 80′s. It was so bitter I spit it out.