MCGOP Breakfast – Tim James

Tim James, GOP candidate for Governor of Alabama, spoke at the Madison County Republican Men’s Club breakfast Saturday morning.  I had never seen him, met him, or heard him speak before, so I was looking forward to hearing from him.

James is a good public speaker – well-organized with a great voice.  He touched on national issues, then state issues, then his campaign – all throughout repeating his theme of “common sense solutions”.

National – companies that are “too big to fail should be allowed to go bankrupt” (to loud applause) and “Wall Street is willing to sell the country down the river”.  He praised Senator Sessions, Senator Shelby, and Congressman Aderholt for opposing the bailouts.

State – Education - ”The foundation is the ball game” - reading programs must be improved to create an educated workforce.  Put strong Principals in weak schools.  Economic Development – 74% of Alabama’s jobs are in existing small businesses, implement programs to provide same economic development benefits to expanding local businesses that we do for companies such as Thyssen Kruppe.  “Make Alabama business-friendly”.

James closed by saying “America is under assault … from Washington.  The economic foundation of America will collapse if we continue to print money”.  He said “It is time for all leaders at all levels to speak clearly – inspiring our countrymen to an economic and moral great awakening”.

He made a good first impression on me.

There was more excitement at the meeting: Rob Broussard attended – he is likely to be appointed as the next Madison County District Attorney to replace the retiring DA Tim Morgan.  Rob and I have some mutual friends, but the first time I saw him (long time ago) he was the prosecutor on a case where I was on the jury – he did a great job on that case – conviction.  If you know Broussard, contact Governor Riley and let him know that Rob would make a fine DA:

Phone:  (334) 242-7100
Email Governor Riley

I also got to meet John McMillan, who is running for Agriculture Commissioner.  I enjoyed talking with him -  he used to be a Baldwin County Commissioner and I almost think of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach as home.  I’d like to live there but then I couldn’t stop to get Chilton County peaches on the way.  Here’s last years Beach Monitoring and Poo post about water quality in Baldwin County.

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