Chaffee HHA Hearing Update – Moon

Here’s the next post in the continuing (and seemingly never ending) series of reporting on the Chaffee HHA Public Hearing held Monday night.  I’m a fairly good typist, but transcribing notes to blog posts takes a good bit of time.  If you want to get me some cheese with that whine – I’d like Belle Chevre (local fromagerie).

Huntsville City Councilman Sandra Moon (FOX54 Video), who represents District 3 including Chaffee, rose to say “I have felt your pain”.  She said that she is committed to “breaking up the cycle of poverty”, but that she “finds the power of HHA scary”.  She said that the five HHA Board members exercised power to evict residents from their homes “for paying rent and making too much money”.  “This train wreck is careening out of control”.

Moon said she asked the Mayor for a thorough legal review, and then she asked the Mayor “to ask for the resignation of authority members”.  The audience delivered the second standing ovation of the evening in response to her call.

Moon closed by saying “this is not community building, it is community destruction”.

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