Marsha Blackburn

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) spoke at the Madison County GOP this morning, on the topic of leadership.  Her district runs East – West from Brentwood / Nashville to suburban Memphis, and North - South from Clarksville (KY line) to Pickwick Lake (AL / MS line).  She has risen rapidly through the GOP ranks and is an influential Member of Congress despite her juniority – she was rumored to be on McCain’s long list for Vice-President and is on the short list for Tennessee Governor or Senator.  She serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Blackburn’s philosophy of Life and Government focuses on Faith, Family, Freedom, Hope, and Opportunity.  She highlighted five policy areas where she expects sharp differences with the Democratic President and Congress: Transportation and Infrastructure; Taxation; Science, Technology, and Innovation; Health Care; and Trade. 

I noticed during her speech that Blackburn likes lists, and even better, she seems to like five item lists (five is a magic number for communications – five by five means strong signal and perfect clarity). 

On Taxation, she offered her husband’s insight that ”if 10% is good enough for God, then it ought to be good enough for the Government”.  She noted that socialized health care results in rationing of health care.

Blackburn also spoke about the Tennessee GOP winning the State Legislature for the first time since Reconstruction – and said that leadership was the key:

“Leadership is not as it appears, but as it performs”.

“Leaders raise up other leaders”.

3 thoughts on “Marsha Blackburn

  1. Reactionary, if Marsha isnt careful Im afraid she’s going to be boxed out of the Governors race up there. For instance it wouldnt shock me if Bredesen took some sort of ambassadorship from Obama in a few months. If that happens Lt Gov Ramsey would move up and that would in turn pretty much clear the GOP field in 2 years. If that doesnt happen theres the Bill Frist factor. He wants to be Governor so he can run for President in 2016 or 2020. There’s also the multi millionaire oilman/Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and Chattanooga area Congressman Zach Wamp. Who have said their in if Frist doesnt run. Her best bet may be a US Senate appointment in 2011. Ive heard rumors that Lamar Alexander will resign in 2011 if Bill Frist or Ramsey wins the Governors race.

  2. Good points dan t, some TN GOP people from Winchester came down to hear the Congressman – they said much the same (thanks to you and your blog I had already heard some of that :)

    She’s a real dynamo, kind of like all three Powerpuff Girls (“saving the world before bedtime”) rolled into one and all growed up.