US City Crime Rankings

The folks at CQ Press compiled a list of City Crime Rate Rankings from the FBI’s 2007 Crime in the US report.

New Orleans is the highest crime rate city in the US, scoring 441.  Camden NJ, Detroit MI, St. Louis MO, and Oakland CA round out the top 5.

Birmingham ranks 8th, with a crime score of 279.  Huntsville ranks 83rd, with a crime score of 94.   Montgomery ranks 90th, with a score of 90.  Tuscaloosa ranks 131st, with a score of 58.  Mobile ranks 156th, with a score of 44.   Thankfully, the rest of the cities in Alabama rank below Ramapo NY (385th).

For people in Huntsville, this is pitiful being ranked as the second most crime-ridden city in Alabama (again). 

What happened? Is it the illegals (er – undocumented workers – crime rates rose with their arrival)? Is it the St. Louis BRAC people (crime rates started rising after their move)? Is it meth? Crack?  Degeneration of society?  Heteronormative oppression?  Racist marginalization?  Proto-revolutionary rebellion?  Is George Bush encouraging crime to justify authoritarian social controls? Sunspots? Satan?

IIRC Mayor Battle doesn’t plan to increase the size of the HPD, but something must be done.  I know that he hoped that the new jail would help reduce crime, so we’ll see about that.  IMO this issue hasn’t gained attention because the City is trying to ‘sell’ itself to BRAC and industry, but it shouldn’t be ignored.

4 thoughts on “US City Crime Rankings

  1. It would be interesting to see how the cities in Israel of similar size (or normalized to larger sizes) would compare.  I wonder why there were not any “No Travel Warnings” issued…surely these would have been justified if it were in another country.

  2. Wonder how he thought a new jail would reduce crime? If simply building jails and prisons reduced crime then we would have a lot less crime than we currently do.

  3. More jail/prison space means that convicted criminals don’t have to be released early to make room for new prisoners.  Since previously incarcerated people are more likely to commit crimes than people who have not previously been in jail more jail space will, in theory, reduce crime rates.  (Note: this isn’t meant to imply that all laws on our books are justified or merit the penalties handed down.)

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