Anthony Williams – Crimefighter

Former Washington DC Mayor Anthony Williams (D) is a great guy.  We used the same dry cleaner in Adams-Morgan, where I met him about a year before he ran for Mayor.  He was always friendly and funny and we chatted a good bit.  When he ran for Mayor, I campaigned for him. 

Williams served two terms and is regarded as the best Mayor DC has had (Home Rule began in the 70s).  I realize that the bar for best Mayor was set very low after Marion Barry.  Under Williams, crime went down, property values went up, and the District gained financial stability (plus the Washington Nationals baseball team).

Last week, Anthony Williams foiled a robbery in DC, apparently by the power of his bow tie:

Williams ran after and caught a thief who had grabbed a package from a UPS truck.

The UPS driver yelled at the thief after seeing the package being swiped.

Williams was nearby and decided to do what any 57-year-old ex-mayor would do: track the guy down on foot.

“I was saying to myself, ‘What am I going to do if I catch him?’,” Williams later joked. “What does a dog do when it catches a car?”

When confronted the thief recognized Williams, saying “Oh, you used to be the mayor!”.

He then handed over the stolen package and disappeared into the crowd.

Great story.

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