You got chocolate in my… Beer

Boston Beer Company announced that Sam Adams Chocolate Bock beer is back, made with Grand Cru Sauvage Swiss chocolate:

…a highly-regarded and rare dark chocolate made from the uncultivated wild Bolivian cacao beans sourced from the dense rainforests located in the small town of Baures, Bolivia. For centuries, this wild cacao has been considered the best in the world. This wild cocoa displays a rich, dark, exotic flavor with notes of honey, vanilla and dried fruits. Brewing Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock with Cru Sauvage cacao nips creates a dark, decadent beer with a big, malty character, complex full-body taste and velvety finish…

Just in time for holiday sipping and gift-giving, this new brew will be available nationwide in early November in select off premise accounts for a suggested retail price of $14.99. Packaged in an attractive 750 ml amber bottle with a festively embossed pewter label, Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock is unlike any offering on shelves today.

$15 each!   Just think of the sales taxes and alcohol taxes Alabama could make on that beer – if it could be sold here.  The beer is 5.6% Alcohol by Volume (ABV), so by alcohol content it is legal in Alabama.  The problem is that the beer is sold in a bottle the size of a wine bottle.  You can buy a smaller bottle of beer or you can buy a keg of beer, you just can’t buy a wine-bottle sized beer.  However, you can buy a wine-bottle sized bottle of wine with 12% ABV.  AARGH!

Reform Alabama’s Beer Laws – Free the Hops!

3 thoughts on “You got chocolate in my… Beer

  1. A wine bottle sized beer!  Can you imagine what would happen if a teenager got his hands on that?  Blood on the roads!  (Sorry, I had to make the Rep. Laird argument.  Consider it an attempt at a voluntary, internet-based Fairness Doctrine.)

  2. And CHOCOLATE – America’s brewer / patriot is making beer for children!!!  For $90 a six-pack!!! How can poor children afford that!!! Sam Adams needs to set up an affordability program for low income children…

    What’s next? Will Foster’s start sponsoring the Wiggles with Fruit Salad flavored beer?

  3. Expect to see Montel Williams on television advertising a new Federal Program that will bring their 18 wheeler full of beer to your house to give you that beer if you can’t afford it!

    Ah, the power of “Yes We Can!”