Tennessee GOP Takes State Legislature

Dan T commented about good news from our neighbors, reported by Murfreesboro’s DNJ:

Tennessee produced a major election success for Republicans with the GOP taking control of both chambers of the General Assembly.

The returns from Tuesday’s election bucked the trend in other states, where down-ticket Democrats rode the wave of Barack Obama’s presidential victory. Tennessee instead voted to give Republicans control of the legislature for the first time since Reconstruction…

“We had good candidates, we had the right message, we raised the money that was needed in a year that wasn’t exactly good nationwide,” said Ramsey, R-Blountville.

In a race that interested me, State Senator Jim Tracy (R) also won re-election.

State Sen. Jim Tracy captured 59.2 percent of the 16th District vote with all 55 precincts reporting to help the Shelbyville Republican win another four-year term Tuesday against Democratic challenger Jean Anne Rogers…

“I’ve really enjoyed the campaign, but it’s now time to govern,” Tracy said.

The 16th District represents the eastern and central portions of Rutherford County and all of La Vergne. Tracy also represents all of Moore and Bedford counties.

We could learn a good bit about organization, candidate recruitment, and messaging from the Tennessee GOP.

One thought on “Tennessee GOP Takes State Legislature

  1. Under the rules in Tennessee, whoever controls the legislature gets to appoint the secretary of state to a four year term and the state treasurer and state comptroller to two year terms. So reactionary, the GOP really hit the jackpot in the volunteer state.