Election Results – Magenta 2008

Magenta – “After the battle, a real bloodshed, the noun “magenta” was adopted to describe a bright purplish red, blood red.”

The 1859 Battle of Magenta was a key event in the Second War of Italian Independence. The evenly matched French / Piedmontese forces were victorious over the Austrians in a close and bloody battle, which led to the liberation of Milan and eventual unification of Italy.

That’s the story of how the word ’Magenta’ came to describe a color.  It is the color of a bloodbath.

I am disappointed by the elections of Barack Obama and Parker Griffith.  At least the masks will come off of the Socialists in the Democratic Party and we’ll know in the next few years if the USA is to become a Socialist country.  We’ll also see if Griffith is as “Conservative” and “Independent” as he claims.

Anyway, the sun rose again today. I’ll probably dig through the election results more thoroughly and post more later, but my quick observation is that incumbents in Madison County did well, regardless of party.

Also, Griffith’s election opens up his State Senate seat.  I think that State Representative Randy Hinshaw (D) has to be considered the strongest candidate for the office. I like Randy, so that’s not too bad, but I would prefer a Republican. If Randy wins, then his seat will be open.  Since I live in Griffith / Hinshaw districts, I may get to campaign for a few more months. Oh joy.

Here is a summary of the Madison County Election Results and the Alabama Election Results (thanks to WHNT for the best local election coverage on TV).

Turnout in Madison County was 72%  (153,274 votes / 212,574 registered voters).  About 60,000 people voted straight tickets:  34,118  Democrats (22% of voters) and 26,040  Republicans (17% of voters).

All of the Amendments seem to have passed, but Madison’s Amendment 3 hasn’t actually been called yet.

President-elect Barack Obama (D) defeated John McCain (R) nationally, but McCain won Alabama 60% to 39%, and McCain won Madison County 57% to 42%.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R) defeated Vivian Figures (D) by 63% to 37%, and Sessions won Madison County 65% to 35%.

Congressman-elect Parker Griffith (D) defeated Wayne Parker (R) by 52% to 48%, and Griffith won Madison County 51% to 49%.

For Associate Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Greg Shaw (R) barely defeated Deborah Paseur (D), but Paseur won Madison County 51% to 49%.

For Court of Civil Appeals Judge, Bill Thompson (R) defeated Kimberly Drake (D) by 56% to 44%, and Thompson won Madison County 55% to 45%.

For Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Place 1, Beth Kellum (R) defeated Clyde Jones (D) by 56% to 44%, and Kellum won Madison County 55% to 45%.

For Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Place 2, Mary Windom (R) defeated Aimee Smith (D) by 54% to 46%, and Windom won Madison County 52% to 48%.

For President of the Public Service Commission, Lucy Baxley (D) is leading Twinkle Cavanaugh (R) but the race hasn’t been called as of this writing, and Baxley won Madison County 51% to 49%.

Billy Bell (D) and Bruce Williams (R) were unopposed and retain their judgeships.

For Madison County District Court Judge Place 1, incumbent Ruth Hall (R) defeated Cynthia Webb (D) by 59% to 41%.

For Madison County District Court Judge Place 4, incumbent Dick Richardson (R) defeated Reta McKannan (D) by 55% to 45%.

For Madison County Commission Chairman, incumbent Mike Gillespie (D) defeated Dick French (R) by 63% to 37%.

For Madison County Commission District 1, incumbent Roger Jones (D) defeated Bob Long (R) by 59% to 41%.

For Madison County Commission District 3, incumbent Jerry Craig (D) defeated Mike Parsons (R) by 60% to 40%.

Madison County Commissioners Faye Dyer (R – District 2), Dale Strong (R – District 4), Mo Brooks (R – District 5), and Bob Harrison (D – District 6) were unopposed and retain their offices.

For Madison County Tax Assessor, incumbent Fran Hamilton (D) defeated Drew McKay (R) by 54% to 46%.

For Madison County Tax Collector, incumbent Lynda Hall (D) defeated Cory Brown (R) by 58% to 42%.

For Madison County License Director, incumbent Mark Craig (D) defeated Susan Newman (R) by 61% to 39%.

For Madison County Board of Education District 3, Mary Louise Stowe (D) defeated Justin Hernandez (R) by 65% to 31%.

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