Huntsville Run-Off Election Results

Tommy Battle defeated Mayor Loretta Spencer in the race for Huntsville Mayor, 56% to 44%, with 37,958 votes cast.

City of Huntsville Election Results

Mayor Spencer carried 7 of the top 10 of Huntsville’s largest (by vote) precincts.  The top three were: Cove United Methodist, Aldersgate, and Weatherly Heights (note that Absentee Voters would actually count as the third largest precinct). These three were also Tommy Battle’s largest by-vote precincts, and then Battle carried the next three largest precincts:  Hillwood Baptist, The Dwelling Place, and Chapman Middle School. Northwest Huntsville turned out for Battle in big numbers and high percentages, for example: First Missionary Baptist (1049 total ballots, 76%), Johnson High School (1006 ballots, 75%), and Ed White Middle School (870 ballots, 74%) .

Mayor-Elect Battle’s best precincts (by %) were AAMU, Calvary Hill, Showers Center, Lewis Chapel, and New Shiloh.

Mayor Spencer’s best precincts (by %) were Monte Sano, Southwood Presbyterian, Cove United Methodist, Absentee Voters, and Trinity United Methodist.

For City Council District 5, Will Culver defeated Richard Gipson by 53% to 47%.

For School Board District 1, Laurie McCaulley defeated Pat King by 55% to 45%.

For School Board District 5, Alta Morrison defeated Susan Currie by 53% to 47%.

UPDATE:  One fact jumps out at me from the Mayor’s race – winning the biggest precincts doesn’t necessarily lead to victory. Tommy Battle won 38 of 55 precincts…

UPDATE: Voter turnout was about 33% (37,958 votes / 113,807 registered voters). Turnout increased in the run-off, which is unusual – the August election had a turnout of 28%. In August, 30,047 voters cast their ballots – before you check my turnout math, note that about 6,000 people registered to vote between August and now – so turnout increased in both real and relative terms.  BTW, there are about 202,000 registered voters in Madison County.

3 thoughts on “Huntsville Run-Off Election Results

  1. Thank you for the great detailed information. I am surprised by the margin of victory for Battle. I’m relatively new to the area. I kept hearing how everyone was happy with Spencer (around the water cooler). I guess those folks forgot to vote. I wonder what percentage of registered voters turned out.

  2. I too am surprised at not only the margin but also the percentage of voters that DIDN’T vote. I had been planning a move back to Huntsvile for two years and finally did so in July. I was pleasantly surprised and happy that Huntsville, in one magazine’s poll, is listed in the top 10 of Green Cities and #4 of 10 for best cities to retire in. I’ve enjoyed surfing Huntsville’s website over the last two years noting how beautifully it’s grown while maintaining an above average quality of life in so many areas. I hope that the diversity of offerings, the absolute beauty and consciousness of how and where to grow are in keeping with the new mayor’s plans.

  3. Given the big turn out among blacks in N. HSV does this make Battle Huntsville’s first black mayor?

    Good analysis.

    Spencer was a fine mayor, but I felt that Battle was the better choice looking forward. He received two votes from my house.