Huntsville Run-off Election

Vote Tuesday!

The polls are open from 7AM to 7PM.  Elected officials take office November 3, 2008.

Reactionary Endorsements:

For Huntsville Mayor – Tommy Battle.  Note that in last week’s mayoral debate, Battle announced that he supported Wayne Parker for Congress. [EDIT: I realize that Battle may have been coy when he said "I support Parker" - maybe I'm reading too much into his comment, but he has attended GOP events for about a year...]  I like Mayor Spencer but IMO she’s been resting on her laurels for the past few years [EDIT: Note that Mayor Spencer implicitly endorsed Senator Sessions when she said that the next Mayor would have to work with Sens. Shelby and Sessions].

For City Council District 5 – Richard Gipson.  Will Culver is his opponent.

For School Board District  1 – no opinion. Pat King versus Laurie McCaulley (State PTA President).

For School Board District 5 – Susan Currie.  Alta Morrison is her opponent.

6 thoughts on “Huntsville Run-off Election

  1. If Battle wins, we’ll probably see both parties go after him like they did with Bobby Bright down in Montgomery.

  2. Looking through you can see that Tommy Battle has given (at least when he gave over $250) exclusively to republican candidates since 1995 (there’s not a huge sampling, but still indicative of a trend). The same is almost true of Spencer (except she gave some to Bud Cramer – but since he was sitting congressman, can you blame her). Huntsville has such heavy ties to the federal government and a working relationship is needed with whoever is the winner of the House seat. The mayorship of Huntsville is non-partisan for that very reason.

    I am curious – why Richard Gipson over Will Culver? I have not been tracking that race much at all.

  3. Tommy is the right man for the job. Other things gradually fall into place when the right person leads. Spencer has not shown any leadership. The city has fell into chaos with her at the helm. We need a leader. The city needs to be restored for the average person too. The overall focus has been very one tracked and short sided. There are four points to our city. North, East, West, and South. We need someone who is looking at them all simultaneously. GO TOMMY!