Madison County Commission Questionnaire Responses

I’ve posted the responses received from the Madison County Commission Candidate Questionnaire. The responses were posted in order by District number, then alphabetically.

Since many contests are not on the ballot on June 3, my thought was that those candidates might not respond. And some candidates told me just that – they’d like to answer the questions later. But I wanted to get the questions out there at the same time for all of the candidates for fairness.

I am proud to announce that if you are a GOP voter in District 1 and District 5, you’ve got a treat coming. For District 1: Bob Long and Chris Stuckey. For District 5: Bobby Abernathy and Mo Brooks. I guarantee that if you take the time to read their responses, you will learn something about County Government.

We will send out a revised Commissioner questionnaire before the General Election in November (also revised AL-05 questionnaire, and probably Huntsville Mayor questionnaire before August), incorporating lessons learned from this round.

PS. As an example of ‘lessons learned’, question #6 was really six questions rolled into one, which was done to try to limit the questions to ten. This was my mistake. I got greedy and it was unfair to the candidates, because the question wasn’t as clear as it should have been.

Describe your approach to public safety. Does the Sheriff’s Department have adequate resources? Does the Fire Marshall have adequate resources? Do the Volunteer Fire Departments have adequate resources; should the County establish a ‘regular’ Fire Department? Does the EMA have adequate resources?

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