UAH ATO Battle of the Buffalo 2010

Thanks to the Huntsville Times for publishing an article promoting this event in Sunday’s paper.

Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at UAH is hosting their annual  Battle of the Buffalo chicken wing competition to benefit the Russell Hill Cancer Foundation.  The Battle of the Buffalo competition “heats up” on Friday, April 9, 2010 from 6 – 9PM at the UAH Intermodal Parking Facility.

The event is open to the public for $5 admission, live music, and “munching on as many wild wings as they can handle”.  Judges include Mayor Tommy Battle and State Senator Tom Butler (D-2).

Last year’s winner (in a close finish) was Domino’s:

Judges, including Maj. Gen. Jim Myles, University of Alabama in Huntsville’s President David Williams, Mayor Tommy Battle and Times reporter Jon Busdeker, had the tough job of tasting wings from each restaurant.

This year’s competition should be even better than last year’s event (from the exponent):

The event was wildly successful, with over 500 people in attendance. Everyone arrived hungry, and left satisfied. With sponsorships and entrance fees combined, ATO signed a check for $2,500 to donate to the local Russel Hill Cancer Foundation in memory of Paul Salmon, a brother who passed away in 2007 from leukemia.


UAH Congressional Forum

From the “Consortium of Students for Justice and Liberty”:

A Republican Congressional Forum will take place on Monday, April 12, 2010 at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. The hosting organization, The Consortium of Students for Justice and Liberty, is inviting the public to attend this free of charge event. North Alabama’s 5th Congressional District candidates, Mo Brooks, Parker Griffith, and Les Phillip have confirmed their participation in this event. The Consortium of Students for Justice and Liberty, an association of middle and high school students, will solicit questions for the forum from organizations around town and from several area schools. This is not an opportunity to protest, but instead a time to listen and hear what the candidates have to say.

The forum will be held in the University Center/Admissions Building on the UA Huntsville Campus. The doors will be opened to the public at 6:30pm with the program beginning at 6:45pm. The forum will begin at 7:00pm and end at 9:00pm. A straw poll will be taken and the results will be announced at the end of the forum. Members of the media are invited to attend and are welcome to collect questions from throughout the community and then submit them to the pool of questions for the candidates.

I’m not familiar with The Consortium of Students for Justice and Liberty, can someone tell us about the group?

The Nook Third Anniversary Party

The Nook is hosting their 3rd Anniversary Party this Thursday, April 1, 2010 starting at 5PM.

The Nook will have:  ”Cask Conditioned Ale, Limited Edition Beers, Great Door Prizes, and Finger Food”.

Some of the limited edition beers include:  Dolii Raptor (Belgian Strong Pale Ale – $17), De Dolle Dulle Teve (Tripel – $11), Bell’s Batch 9000 (American Imperial Stout – $10), Old Stock Ale 2009 (Old Ale – $9), Bell’s HopSlam Ale (American Imperial IPA – $8).

2011 Mustang – Ice, Ice, Baby

The 5.0 is back!

Ford is offering enthusiasts an honest to goodness 5.0-liter V8 (302 cubic inches, baby!…) in the 2011 Mustang GT… While the new 2011 Ford Mustang V6 is a good car, the 5.0 is great. In a single model year, Ford has manged to address all of the 2010 Mustang GT’s shortcomings.

There’s a new lower spoiler and air dam up front and the rear wheels now have tire spats. All of the exterior changes plus an underbody aeroshield add up to a four-percent more aerodynamic car, and help this 412-hp brute achieve a very respectable 26 mpg on the highway. Also, let’s not forget the big, shiny 5.0 badges. A1A Beach Front Avenue has been put on notice!

I found myself actually saying, “This engine’s a pot of honey.” Out loud, with another human being in the car. Why would anyone make such a ridiculous statement? Probably because the new motor really is a pot of honey, specifically when you’re in fourth gear at 4,000 rpm and you bury the throttle. Turns out that 4,000 rpm is when peak torque (390 lb-ft) happens and the 5.0-liter V8 pulls like a jet airliner…

Speed, handling, soundtrack, brakes, interior (the GT is actually creeping into Audi levels of interior sophistication – look at those seats!), fit and finish – you name it, the Mustang’s the superior sports car…

I like Ford products and this is a great story on many levels – first – muscle cars are back in a big way, from the Chevy Camaro to the Dodge Challenger to the Ford Mustang.  Second – these cars sell – this is what people want to buy (and SUVs).  Third – CAFE standards can go 86 themselves – Government involvement in the auto industry gets you forgettable throwaway vehicles.  Fourth – the Government doesn’t belong in the car business – privatize GM and Chrysler.

Medal of Honor Gala: In the Company of Heroes

Huntsville will host the Medal of Honor Gala: In the Company of Heroes on August 28, 2010 at the Davidson Center:

The gala, hosted by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, will be the main event in a weekend of activities planned for about 35 Medal of Honor recipients and foundation board members who are expected to attend.

“This will be the largest gathering of Medal of Honor recipients in the state of Alabama and one of the largest ever in the Southeast,” said Jay Town, a former Marine major who is serving as the weekend’s event chairman.

“The event has a dual purpose – first, to celebrate and perpetuate the legacy of the Medal of Honor and to celebrate its recipients, and, second, to raise funds for the foundation projects.”

The foundation project that will benefit specifically from the gala will be the Medal of Honor Curriculum Program, which will be introduced in local schools during the 2010 school year.

Jay Town is a Madison County Assistant District Attorney (here’s his profile, along with several of my friends – including my liberal best friend).  Town is chairing the absolute premier event in Alabama – and raising money for the “Medal of Honor Curriculum”:

Madison County’s three school systems have received $50,000 to train teachers for the curriculum. Paid for by a grant from the T. Boone Pickens Foundation, the lesson plans are for middle and high school students.

The curriculum, which began in Pennsylvania, is about servicemen who received the nation’s highest military honor for valor in action, but the lesson plans are not about the military in nature.

The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation started the program in Pennsylvania and Huntsville is blessed to be one of the roll-out cities:

Under a grant from the General Electric Foundation, the Foundation has been working with the Erie and Wattsburg Area School Districts in Pennsylvania and a group of educators for more than two years to establish Medal of Honor-related lesson plans drawing upon the ideals of courage, sacrifice and selflessness embodied in the Medal of Honor, and their application in daily life to promote character development and better citizenship. A prototype kit was rolled out in these districts on September 28, 2009. The Foundation’s best-selling book, Medal of Honor: Portraits of  Valor Beyond the Call of Duty and the “living history” videos and other research material are being used in support of the program, which has potential nationwide application.

Madison resident (and former Washington State Senator) Leo Thorsness (R – 11) is the President of the Medal of Honor Foundation, and will present the American Spirit Award to Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger:

“We all held our breath in amazement at Capt. Sullenberger’s courageous actions under extremely stressful conditions that have since garnered the world’s attention,” said Col. Leo Thorsness, a Medal of Honor recipient. Thorsness, who lives in Madison, is also president of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

“Captain Sully’s attendance as an honoree continues to solidify the national significance of this Foundation event and the Medal of Honor,” said Jay Town, event chairman.

Sullenberger piloted US Airways flight 1549 to a safe landing in the Hudson River in January 2009, preserving all 155 lives on board. He is a former Air Force fighter pilot and flew F-4 Phantom IIs prior to launching his career in the commercial airline industry in 1980.


The Huntsville Governors Forum changed my life!

For me, the Huntsville Governors Forum on  March 2 was a great birthday party (600 of my closest friends, including 6 GOP Gubernatorial candidates – my birthday is March 4, which is a very inspiring day – March Forth!).  For Conrad Thompson of First Family Mortgage, the Governors Forum changed his life.  Conrad met his soulmate at the Forum – anecdotal proof that the GOP is the Party of True Love!

WVNN listeners have heard Conrad on the radio promoting his mortgage company, and they should know that in real life, he is a great guy.  Conrad was one of the sponsors of the Governors Forum, but I hadn’t talked with him in depth until after the event (I met him once before the event with Les Phillip).  I asked about his experience with the Forum and if he was satisfied with his sponsorship (I’m a customer service-oriented person) – that’s when I heard the story about Conrad and Jeanine.

I asked Conrad if advertising on WVNN was good for his business – he said that “everyone likes to save money”.

BTW the Forum organizers checked out First Family Mortgage with the Better Business Bureau before accepting them as a sponsor (due diligence).  In an industry that garners a lot of complaints, First Family is a star.  First Family is rated ‘A’ by the BBB of North Alabama and has had one complaint in three years where the “Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to BBB”.

I’m a sucker for true romance – and the GOP is all about spreading love baby!


The Democrats had an event at Crossroads tonight – the banner out front said “Had Enough?”.  Yes, I’ve had enough of lying, cheating, and stealing Democrats.  As an example of the ‘enthusiasm gap’, those immoral parasites had exactly 40 people in attendance.

MCGOP – 20 March 2010

The Madison County Republican breakfast was packed Saturday – the buffet was served in the hallways to make room for extra tables.  Attorney General Troy King and his primary rival Luther Strange attended to give campaign speeches.

Troy King said “11 Attorney Generals moved to block Obamacare, Democrats offered payoffs if they didn’t” (IIRC the Utah AG was offered a pork payoff).  King worked to “protect children” from predators and to protect “unborn children” when pregnant women are victims of crime.  King noted the liberal’s definition of life: “viability is when the child can survive outside the womb” – he joked that his 12 year old doesn’t seem to be able to survive without help.  King believes that “life begins at conception”.  King helped rewrite tougher child porn laws. 

King said he has a “great Republican record of making this State safer”. 

Luther Strange said that we are “under assault from Washington”.  Strange noted that Senators Shelby and Sessions both support his candidacy for Attorney General.  Strange focused on public corruption – Alabama has one of the highest incidences of public official corruption in the nation.

Strange listed three priorities: 1) Rule of Law, “bingo” – “never in the history of Alabama has the Governor had to form a Task Force to enforce the law”;  2) Public corruption, for example the corruption in Jefferson County and convicted Birmingham Mayor Lucky Larry Langford; 3) work with District Attorneys.

I think that Big Luther will win the Primary and go on to serve as Alabama’s next Attorney General.  I think that we have a lot of public officials in Alabama who need to go to jail – there are more Lucky Larrys out there ’winning’ 33 jackpots in one day at the casinos.   Troy King hurt himself with the bingo issue – Republicans like law and order and King didn’t deliver. 

I’ve still got some catching up to do on posting…

Off with their heads!

You can take the title as a non-violent commentary on the Democrat’s divisive takeover of the US health care industry (and student loan industry), or you can keep reading for my review of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

 The movie was ‘re-imagined’ somewhat loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s works (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, and the poem Jabberwocky).  My  ten-year-old niece says it’s the best movie she’s ever seen.  As for me, the 3D didn’t add much to the film and Johnny Depp (Mad Hatter) and Anne Hathaway (White Queen) phoned in their performances.  Helena Bonham Carter gave a creditable performance as the Red Queen but the CGI was overdone.  Overall – I thought it was worth seeing just to introduce my niece to Alice

BTW the Monaco is a great theater and Bridge Street after dark is a bustling place – live music and lots of people.


I watched the first two episodes of HBO’s The Pacific.  So far, the miniseries has stayed fairly true to the history and to the memoirs written by Marines Eugene Sledge (With the Old Breed) and Robert Leckie (Helmet for my Pillow and much more).  Eugene Sledge was from Mobile and after World War II attended Auburn and Florida then taught at Montevallo.  His memoir is one of the best first-hand accounts of combat – you really should read it.


I watched the entire 9 minute E! premier video of Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s Telephone (not to be confused with Beyonce’s Video Phone).   I thought it was interesting that Lady Gaga felt compelled to dispel Internet rumors that she was a ‘he’ in one of the opening scenes.  It’s disturbing that Lady Gaga likes to portray a murderer (poison) in her videos, but her style is over-the-top camp.  Surprisingly, the song has a positive message – get off your phone, quit texting so much, stop working yourself to death – and dance.


I heard Congressional candidate Les Phillip on WVNN Dale Jackson’s show yesterday.  I was reminded how much I like Les – he said that a GOP Congress should work to repeal Obamacare ‘if they have the balls’ – that’s a direct and relevant commentary…


The UAH College Republicans will be holding its second meeting of the year on Thursday, March 25 at UAH in Room 131 of the University Center. The meeting will run from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM. State Board of Education district 8 candidates Ken Gawronski, Sue Helms, and Mary Scott Hunter will be the speakers. All Republican (and those who want to find out more about the Republican party) UAH students are invited to attend.