ACORN New York abets human trafficking

Today, Big Government released yet another video showing soon-to-be-former ACORN New York employees helping undercover filmmakers ‘set up’ a brothel of underage girls trafficked from El Salvador.  James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles are proving that it’s more than just a couple of ‘bad acorns’ providing tax advice and housing assistance for child sex slavery – this is a systemic ethical problem.

As I said when calling for the abolition of slavery and human trafficking, most Democrats don’t knowingly approve of slavery or child prostitution, but these Democrats certainly illustrate a tolerance of it.  And while tolerating illegal activities is bad enough, these ACORN employees were offering to be COMPLICIT in setting up a brothel using trafficked children.

Need I remind readers that ACORN is a Democratic Party (although officially ‘non-partisan’) voter registration and get-out-the-vote machine or that President Obama used to conduct leadership training seminars with ACORN?  Or that House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) had announced an investigation into ACORN’s voter fraud and ‘protection racket’ only to abandon the investigations because “the powers that be decided against it” .

Abolish Slavery

I’m calling on every GOP officeholder and candidate to include the abolition of slavery and human trafficking as a top priority in their policies.  The Republican Party was founded in part to fight slavery and we need to re-establish abolition of slavery as an imperative for this Nation and the world.  The recent ACORN videos illustrate that slavery is not dead – it could even be thriving in a taxpayer-funded brothel in your city.  There is no denying that what four former ACORN employees did was to abet human trafficking and child sex slavery – and that they would have arranged tax dollars to buy the house for the brothel.

There are millions of slaves  in the world today – many of them child sex slaves and forced prostitutes – and people like those at ACORN turn a blind eye to this abhorrent institution.  The FBI says:

We’re working to stop human trafficking—not only because of the personal and psychological toll it takes on society, but also because it facilitates the illegal movement of immigrants across borders and provides a ready source of income for organized crime groups and even terrorists.

I have seen one recent candidate address this issue in his campaign:  George Barry, who ran in the GOP Congressional primary last time.  I was surprised at the time that he brought it up, but I’m proud that he did and his call to end human trafficking should resound with all of us.

The FBI says that 27 States have laws against human trafficking, and I know that Alabama has laws against unlawful imprisonment and promoting prostitution, but I don’t know that we have a law against human trafficking.  We’ve had these types of brothels shut down in Albertville (with at least one closed down thanks to a tip from someone in the Hispanic community – proof that decency knows no bounds).

Abraham Lincoln, in a speech at Quincy Illinois, said:

We have in this nation this element of domestic slavery. It is a matter of absolute certainty that it is a disturbing element. It is the opinion of all the great men who have expressed an opinion upon it, that it is a dangerous element… The Republican party think it wrong — we think it a moral, a social and a political wrong. We think it is a wrong not confining itself merely to the persons or the States where it exists, but that it is a wrong in its tendency, to say the least, that extends itself to the existence of the whole nation.

In light of the videos showing ACORN employees abetting human trafficking and child sex slavery, this part is prescient:

I will say now that there is a sentiment in the country contrary to me — a sentiment which holds that slavery is not wrong, and therefore it goes for policy that does not propose dealing with it as a wrong. That policy is the Democratic policy, and that sentiment is the Democratic sentiment.

While I don’t believe that most Democrats knowingly approve of slavery or child prostitution, I do think that some of their policies and their non-judgmental attitudes have the unintended effects of encouraging both.

BTW, reading the speeches, I was reminded that audience participation has always been part of public discourse in this country – people shouted out during Lincoln’s speeches just as they do now.

ACORN DC child prostitution investigation

Yesterday, Big Government made waves with video from ACORN’s Baltimore office, which showed employees advising undercover filmmakers how to evade taxes and set up a taxpayer-funded brothel for sex with trafficked children.  ACORN fired the employees involved, saying that the employees “did not meet ACORN’s standards of professionalism”.  ACORN also defended itself by saying this was an isolated incident and that the filmmakers had  tried to punk other ACORN offices without success.  My first thought about their defense was that I wanted to see police reports of ACORN reporting children being brought into the US illegally to become sex slaves – oh wait, they’re not here to judge.

YOU can judge ACORN, now that James O’Keefe (link to video) has released ANOTHER video, this time from ACORN in Washington DC.  The timing of the release is brilliant, coming on the heals of ACORN’s ‘isolated incident’ defense yesterday.

The ACORN Baltimore video was only shown on FoxNews (and heard on talk radio) yesterday and my guess is that the media will ignore this.  Maybe the ACORN DC video will force the media to do their job.

Your tax dollars at work…

ACORN abets human trafficking

Andrew Breitbart’s new website Big Government made it’s debut today with an expose (or punking) of the Baltimore office of ACORN.  Filmmaker James O’Keefe (link to transcript) taped ACORN employees (now fired) making statements encouraging child sex trafficking, tax evasion, and prostitution (“We are not here to judge what somebody do”).

Got that?  They’re not here to judge.  O’Keefe tells ACORN that he is bringing “13 El Salvadoran girls” who are “like 15″ into the house, and says that “they are performing tricks too”.  The ACORN tax expert tells O’Keefe “they under sixteen… you can use them as dependents”. 

I thought ACORN was bad enough with the taxpayer-funded voter fraud (convictions and pending cases and allegations).   If I hadn’t seen the video, I would have a hard time believing that even ACORN could sink so low.  But there it is - your tax dollars at work advising someone on housing for child sex slaves. 

Do you trust these people to help with the Census?

Mr. President goes back to school

Adam Baldwin (who played Jayne Cobb, the Hero of Canton, in Firefly) wrote a great article for Big Hollywood:

Ideological and political partisanship and “cult of personality” persuasions aside, once duly elected, who the President is is not controversial in and of itself.  Nevertheless, what a President says may indeed be controversial, especially when addressed to a captive audience of ideologically and politically naïve youths.

The trouble with all this arose because the materials in the ED’s (Education Department) lesson plan are an integral part of the president’s message, and the fact that it has already been necessarily revised (post-dissemination) proves it was in fact controversial.

That the ED and its recipient, undoubting education professionals do not seem to appreciate this distinction (and parents’ natural concerns) perhaps illustrates how the quest for intellectual conformity in public education–not to mention this particular predetermination to accept a federal government lesson plan–exemplifies a pervasive and discriminatory injustice that runs contrary to all pretense to freedom of conscience, speech and thought in modern academia.

Well said.  And unlike my posts, he says it without using overtly incendiary comparisons.  Adam Baldwin is one of my favorite actors and Firefly is one of my favorite TV shows.  Baldwin also does voicework in the Halo games (including his signature line: “sure would be nice if we had some grenades”).

And he saw the magistrate takin’
Every dollar and leavin’ five cents
So he said “you can’t do that to my people”
He said “you can’t crush them under your heel”
_ The Ballad of Jayne

Indoctrination Day

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future!

This Tuesday, September 8, President Obama plans to address America’s schoolchildren.

I know a few parents who are trying to figure out what to do about this, with solutions including: keeping their kids home on Tuesday, sending their kids to school with a note warning teachers not to follow the propagandized lesson plans, calling schools demanding that kids be excused from watching the speech, or teaching their children indoctrination resistance (It’s a teachable moment!).

Some schools have decided not to air the speech, and some have notified parents that they can opt their kids out.  I’m not sure how Huntsville City schools, Madison City schools, or Madison County schools plan to approach this issue, but I’m sure they’re hearing about it.

I think Obama is establishing a Cult of Personality, and just like the song by Living Colour says “the mirror speaks, the reflection lies”.  Revolutionaries like to create an idealized leader to implement their transformative ideas – does that sound familiar?

Re-education focuses on breaking down the autonomy of individuals (all for the greater good).   Since children are especially succeptible to peer pressure and the need to conform, this is a potentially dangerous moment.  Kids aren’t prepared for the critical thinking and contextualism required to resist indoctrination – but it’s a new world and we have to teach them.  And that really sucks – who would have thought that you have to prepare elementary age kids to resist indoctrination from their socialist Government?

BTW, the introductory quote was from Adolph Hitler in 1935.  Socialists love to indoctrinate children: the National Socialist ‘Hitler Jugend’ and the Communist ‘Young Pioneers’ both saw youth movements as keys to the future – because children are more vulnerable to ideological manipulation.

Here’s a bit of history – the National Socialist Party was founded in 1919 – the Hitler Jugend was founded in 1922.  The Soviet Communists seized power in 1917 – the Young Pioneers were founded in 1922 (promising to live “as the great Lenin bade us”).  Establishing the youth movement was a high priority for the Nazis and the Communists.