MCGOP – 20 August 2011

After missing the past couple of Madison County Republican breakfasts because of travel, I attended Judgefest yesterday. 









Recently appointed Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Chuck Malone was the featured speaker.  Attendees included: Court of Criminal Appeals Judges Liles Burke and Mike Joiner; Circuit Court Judges Dennis O’Dell, Alan Mann, and Ruth Ann Hall; District Court Judges Dick Richardson and Alison Austin, Madison County Circuit Court Clerk Jane Smith;  prospective District Court Judge appointees Jonathan Pippin and Robert Rodgers; plus District Judge candidates Chris Messervy and Don Rizzardi

I listed the judges to illustrate how completely the people of Alabama have entrusted the judiciary to Republicans.  Consider that before 1994, no Republican held a statewide judicial seat (since Civil War Reconstruction).  Now every statewide judge is a Republican, furthermore, every State office is held by Republicans except Public Service Commission President Lucy Baxley (D).   The Republican Revolution is transforming the State at the County office level too.  Madison County Republicans won every office on the ballot in 2010.  Their rejection at the polls helps explain why Democrats push for unelected judicial selection instead of election by citizens.

More notes from the meeting…

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Guv appoints Broussard to DA

Governor Bob Riley appointed Rob Broussard to the office of Madison County District Attorney to complete the term of retiring DA Tim Morgan. Broussard takes office June 1 and will run as a Republican for the office in 2010. Rob is highly respected within the DAs office and is a dedicated prosecutor – today is a good day for Madison County. Congratulations Rob and thank you Governor Riley.

Now about that Bill awaiting the Governor’s signature… John Ehinger of The Huntsville Times wrote a brilliantly thoughtful editorial – “Riley should sign beer bill”:

Such a bill has been pushed for several years by a group called “Free the Hops” – beer connoisseurs who say Alabama is behind the times. The beer they want, they say, is not only stronger but of higher quality, and it can carry a much higher price.

BTW, the State Legislature approved the creation of a additional Madison County Circuit Court Judgeship – to be elected in 2010.  The 23rd Judicial Circuit “consists of District Judges and Circuit Judges” presided over by Billy Bell.  The Circuit Judges are: Bruce Williams, Laura Hamilton, Loyd Little (of Why Judge Little infamy), James Smith, Karen Hall.  The District Judges are: Dennis O’Dell, Lynn Sherrod, Dick Richardson, and Ruth Ann Hall.

Assistant DA Bill Starnes made the appointee short list last time for the seat held by Ruth Ann Hall, IMO he should consider running for the new judgeship.

Detainee Kittens

President Obama has dropped the term “enemy combatants” for suspected terrorists and renamed them “Detainee Kittens”:

… the Barack Obama administration on Friday dropped the term ”enemy combatant” for suspected terrorists and said international law governed the detention of terrorism suspects…

The Justice Department filing doesn’t give the war prisoners a specific designation. They aren’t described as POWs or enemy combatants or unprivileged belligerents, all categories of war prisoners under international law.

When I use a word – it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less… Impenetrability! That’s what I say!